they need help (i need sleep)

Cary Loudermilk

Bless that lovely man so much. Out of all the new people David has met at Summer land, he’s the only one of them who didn’t try to go after David with a weapon this last episode. Instead he’s building a device to try to isolate David from the yellow eyed devil/Lenny. I just find it interesting because out of all of them Cary has probably had the least amount of personal interaction with David. Melanie and Ptonomy have been inside his head, quite literally, and they’ve at least had a small glimpse of the demons lurking in David’s mind(figurative and literal). By contrast, Cary’s interaction has been much more clinical and removed, studying his biology and monitoring his brain waves and sciency stuff like that. Yet he’s the only one(aside from Syd) who is still trying to find a way to peaceably resolve things(I’m still not sure why they went after him with lethal force in the first place?). Also Cary was the one who realized that they were dealing with some sort of psychic parasite, despite, to my knowledge, never having been inside David’s memories like the rest of them. Cary Loudermilk is a wonderful person and should be protected.


David: It possessed me and that made me sick and my powers didn’t help and the voices (…) He poisoned me my whole life, made me crazy and it fed on me!
“British” David: to what end?
David: Power. It was weak but i made it stronger, my powers…And it kept feeding, and what did Lenny say? “The only being that matters in the universe is God” so it fed on me so that one day it could get his revenge… or worse. Then Syd came and she woke me up the monster realized it couldn’t hide anymore and here we are.

There is no spoon

I loved the pop-culture/sf reference extravaganza of this episode.

David is stuck in a corner of his mind that looks like a coffin with only himself to talk to. And David’s superego is British in a nicely meta way that plays both on Dan Steven’s nationality and American stereotype that British accent means one is smart (also that moment of American doing a really bad impression of British accent while Stevens was imitating Patrick Stewart - stellar).

And then to break out of their prison the rational mind David tells himself there is no coffin and to science the shit out of what is happening.

Meanwhile, Syd gets the glasses that show you what is real - including real monsters. In black and white of course (true They Live style). And it’s also a silent film with dialogue cards and everything. And then Lenny was doing her best Beetlejuice impression.

This is episode was made of references. And that’s even without all the Professor X fighting Shadow King cartoon David recreated. That was a cherry on top.