Okay so I followed this video about foreshortening and…

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Sycra. I love you so much for making this video.


Sycra’s series on light and shadow is wonderful. I think any artist can glean at least one thing from it. Heads up though, it’s 17 parts!

anonymous asked:

Can u rec sme links or blogs for some1 who wants to start learning to draw but knows nothing of the basics?

Sure anon! Sorry for taking so long but here’s a list in no particular order

1.Sycra - Sycra’s channel is reallllllly good for drawing at any level; he gives easy to understand tutorials on just about everything; from color theory, to anatomy, and anything in between. Does streams with other artists and talks about different topics in art

2. @howtodrawhotbutts -reblogs lots of useful tutorials for all sorts of things

3. @uzlolzu - she has occasionally posted tutorials and her art style is absolutely amazing; she has an incredible grasp of anatomy and drawing ethnic features and clothing

4. @badass-art-tutorials - more tutorials for a variety of things

5. @winterbramble - quality art tutorials and an amazing handle of anatomy

6. @drawingwiffwaffles - tutorials and has a really cute art style

7. @helpfulharrie - variety of tutorials

8. Jetty Jet Show/ The Jetty Jet Show- he’s not really active anymore but his channels have a lot of tutorials and art advice

9. Mark Crilley - he typically draws in more of an anime/manga style, but his tips can be applied to other things, and he gives tutorials on how to draw lots of things

10. Proko - similar to Sycra, he has tutorials on a variety of subjects

11. Sinix -also has tutorials, but more often streams

Those are the 11 I chose for beginners! (for you i just went through all my youtube subcriptions and those i follow on tumblr lol)
In general, don’t compare too much, and it’s good to also watch artists who may not give in depth tutorials so that you can pick up on some things just by watching/seeing their art and sketches. 


Hey guys, remember sycra’s video about foreshortening that got a shitload of notes?

this one is one of his older ones but it’s still pretty interesting. The “lighning bolt-technique” is something very new to me, so I’m gonna try it out myself!


The concept artist Sycra is talking about artblock and how he tackles the problem.

Also it’s a pretty nice idea with the graph. I recommend listening to this while drawing uvu


Not sure if it’s been uploaded here before, but this video has been incredibly helpful to me and I really wanted to share.

The youtuber’s called Sycra and he makes the best drawing tutorials I know, so his channel is definitely worth a check!


I love him


Here is a video done by the wonderful Sycra ! In this video, he talks about the fundamentals of art and tips on how to go about studying and improving on them (as well as different types of artists and what areas they should focus on the most).


The digital artist Sycra does a critique and redlining on…. his own old work!


Painting a Self Portrait in Krita

Sycra reviewed Krita and he likes it.

Hell yeah!


Sycra Yasin’s Art Help for Beginners!


Practicing anything, is related to practicing anything.

Life requires your deliberate participation in it, for you to have the best experiences; and not just once, but repeatedly.

Learning to cook, type, draw, dance, sing, file taxes, relate to people, kiss, have sex, get over heartache, be a good friend, change the world - all require you to try, and learn , and try again.

Eventually you get better at all of these things.  It’s practice.  Your life gets better, with practice.

So I’m posting this up, in hopes that it will inspire you to draw better, but also live better.


this is the best thing sycra and sickbrush have done. period.

Just listen to it.