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Twin flames, also called twin souls, are literally the other half of our soul. Twin souls may sometimes share similar backgrounds to each other, and similar life experiences or events that occurred around the same time period. A sequence of sychronicities may occur in someones life when it is leading up to meeting their twin soulmate. Soulmates may share a very similar life purpose and come together to help each other with this cause. They mirror each other in terms of the energies that both souls are giving out.  The synchronicities also occur to help show them that although they live different lives, they are also part of the same path. The mirror between the two causes them to feel a close bond with one another, and this also acts as a catalyst to personal growth and understanding of the soul”

“After all the madness that happens in the first season…they have more in common towards the end than anyone else.” - DJ Cotrona.

"By the end of the season, these two polar opposite archetypes are stuck together, and they’re literally the ones who have the most in common. They’re dealing with extreme loss in different ways. When people go through real loss, some fold, and some galvanize and make themselves stronger. I think the two characters have very different ways of dealing and they help each other, or hurt each other, in the process”. - DJ Cotrona.

“There definitely is a parallel [between Kate wanting to save her father from himself, and Seth wanting to save his brother from himself] there.  We essentially have the same goals.  We want our families to be whole, we want there to be nothing wrong, and we want things to be normal.  Seth’s normal is bank robbing, and Kate’s normal is that her dad is a pastor.  You’re definitely going to see similarities, but you’re also going to see the different ways that we handle our grief and our anger”. - Madison Davenport.

Starting to see Numerology

Hello, it’s really hard for me to believe in this stuff but for some reason I keep coming back, anyways I decided to write to you because like 80 percent of the times I look at my watch all the numbers are matching, I dismissed it at first but it became unavoidable, is it pure chance? Does it mean anything? But yea If your actually reading this thanks for taking the time, you have a great blog it’s not too out there. Thanks again love


In the beginning it IS hard to believe, years of conditioning are being stripped away from how you feel, think and see reality. This is not just an awakening, it’s a remembrance of who you are and who you are born to be. There are many individuals myself included upon awakening literally thought they were going insane because of how society conditions us to see the world in one specific way. When our reality is faced with something out of our usual norm, it intimidates us and brings us in touch with our ego. We begin to feel an uncertainty, a fear or cognitive dissonance arise whenever we are faced with something intimidating our ego conditioned mind.

 You are seeing these occurrences because you are starting to acknowledge your own transformation of consciousness. Numerology comes to us as a deja vu or sychronicity through the ether unlocking our endless potential. These numbers act as archetypal triggers of our subconscious long term memory. They unlock different areas of our brain and dna strands to help us awaken. The more we begin to notice, the more we begin to see. 

Thank you Glad you enjoy the blog!
Namaste <3


Jimin flopped down on the couch, exhausted, when he got home. “Tae, feed meee.”
Taehyung kneeled down by him with a bowl of fried rice. “How was work?”
“How’s Jungkookie?”
“Hey I ask you first Jiminnie.” Taehyung retorted, purposefully missing Jimin’s mouth.
“It was fine. I met some of Jungkook’s friends. Suga-hyung asked me to be his model for this body-painting competition.”
“He’s your hyung now?” Taehyung said wiggling his eyebrows.
“It’s not like that!” he sputtered, shoving Taehyung’s shoulder. “He asked me to call him that.”
“He hasn’t been pressuring you or anything right?” Jin asked, walking in. “You know how Alphas can be.”
“That’s a stereotype Hyung.” Taehyung and Jimin argued in unison.
Jin put his hands up defensively. ”I’m just saying. Our heat is coming up and a cute Omega like you is putty in an Alphas hands. You should probably stay home that week.”
“It’s not for another month though. Jungkookie will probably be back at work and I won’t be there anymore.”
Jimin tried to not sound so sad at the last part.
“Speaking of Jungkookie, he said that he’s feeling lonely and wondering if I can visit tomorrow?”
“Sure I don’t see why not?”