sycamore wood

Did this yesterday! With all the Fantastic Beasts and Potter world hype back up again, I went back into Pottermore and got myself resorted and boy, a lot of things changed! So I thought it’d be fun to do this little quick color sketch of myself with my new Pottermore sorting.

  • Hogwarts House: Gryffindor
  • Wand: 12″, Sycamore Wood, Unicorn Hair Core
  • Patronus: Swift

Also bonus feature of my cat, Kumo as my familiar.

Reishi mushroom pendants carved from sycamore. The one on the left is up on my etsy shop (link in my bio) the one on the right is for a friend. This is the first time I’ve carved sycamore, and I really love the colors that came out when I oiled them. The piece I cut from has been on the ground for quite some time and had time to get plesantly punky

bioluminiscens  asked:

2,4,7,11 and 15 for Harry Potter ask? Or is that too much? Just answer those you would like to.

2: Patronus?
I got Eagle!
4: Diagon Alley or Hogsmeade?
7: Top five ships?
I’m honestly not that much of a shipper haha sorry! I know boring huh? 😂
11: Your wand?
Sycamore wood with unicorn hair core 11" and hard flexibility
15: Character you would bring back to life?
Cedric Diggory😭

No that’s not too many. Thank you so much!!


More Rings!

Today I finished two more rings to add to my small, but growing collection.

  • Solid Wenge wood
  • Sycamore + Wenge wood (probably my personal favorite combo so far)

These came together pretty nicely and I could see them being a nice his & hers set. I pretty much finished up my supply of wenge, but I will definitely be looking into more. I’m close to finishing a custom order too but didn’t want to post it until it’s all finished.

The sycamore makes a questing wand, eager for new experience and losing brilliance if engaged in mundane activities. It is a quirk of these handsome wands that they may combust if allowed to become ‘bored,’ and many witches and wizards, settling down into middle age, are disconcerted to find their trusty wand bursting into flame in their hand as they ask it, one more time, to fetch their slippers. As may be deduced, the sycamore’s ideal owner is curious, vital and adventurous, and when paired with such an owner, it demonstrates a capacity to learn and adapt that earns it a rightful place among the world’s most highly-prized wand woods.
—  Garrick Ollivander