sybill and tom

  • Sybil: I'm kinda seeing someone but I'm worried about telling you who, cause you're not gonna like it...
  • Robert: Just rip the bandage off sister.
  • Sybil: It's Tom Branson.
  • Robert: Put the bandage back on.

STEAMM family photos

Sybil and Tom Branson with Ada Fiona, born Mary 1920

Mary and Matthew Crawley with George, born August 1921

Edith and Anthony Strallan with Marigold, born December 1922 and adopted February 1923

(of course they all had several children, but these are their first)

I finally finished Downton Abbey. ( Yes, I’m very late, but I began this show the last summer) . 
I really will miss this show ! I liked Julian Fellowes ’s characters and background ! 
Here, a fanart of Tom Branson, one of my favorite characters, he was so cute when he was still a chauffeur for Crawley family ! and, I love his couple with Lady Sybil, of course !