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Sybil & Tom Romance Week, June 7 - 13!

A celebration of all things romantic with the Bransons!  And each day will have a special “theme”!

Celebrate the Bransons’ “official” wedding anniversary!

Pick your favorite historical setting–Edwardian, Roaring 20′s, Regency, Victorian, Tudor, Medieval–whatever the historical setting, make it romantic!

A special day for lovers of “Modern AU”!

Saturday, June 10–”ROMANTIC SUSPENSE”
Angst, action, with a dash of mystery!

Sunday, June 11–”ROMANTIC COMEDY”
Tickle the funny bone and woo with laughter

June’s theme is “Rock the WW2 AU!”

Tuesday, June 13–FREE DAY! 
Any romantic setting/rating of your choosing!

Prompts will be offered at the month’s beginning. Stories, drabbles, picsets, fanart, any way to get creative and celebrate the wonderful and unique romance that is Tom and Sybil!  SO MARK YOUR CALENDARS AND JOIN US!

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  • Sybil: I'm kinda seeing someone but I'm worried about telling you who, cause you're not gonna like it...
  • Robert: Just rip the bandage off sister.
  • Sybil: It's Tom Branson.
  • Robert: Put the bandage back on.

Sybil and Tom appreciation week. Starting on the 10th of May running until the 17th.
Day 1. Favourite Tom Brandson quote.
Day 2. aesthetic edit of Sybil.
Day 3. Favourite Sybil and Tom scene. [ gif or caps]
Day 4. Favourite Sybil Crawley Quote.
Day 5. Aesthetic edit of Tom.
Day 6. Tybil scene that made you cry. [ gif or caps]
Day 7. Free day post whatever you like.
Please tag all your edits to #sybil&tomappreciationweek or tag me, I look forward to seeing all your edits!! I hope you all join in.


STEAMM family photos

Sybil and Tom Branson with Ada Fiona, born Mary 1920

Mary and Matthew Crawley with George, born August 1921

Edith and Anthony Strallan with Marigold, born December 1922 and adopted February 1923

(of course they all had several children, but these are their first)


“Sometimes a hard sacrifice must be made for a future that’s worth having…”  –Tom Branson

“It’s doing nothing that’s the enemy.”  –Sybil Crawley

Join hands sister suffragettes, as we “rock the political AU” this May!  We’ll be celebrating all things political with the Bransons this month, from voting rights for women, to freedom for Ireland, and anything and everything inbetween and beyond!  Sexual politics, body politics, domestic politics, international politics–POLITICS!  And not just reserved for the time-era on the show, but today as well! 

So put your thinking caps, play some inspiring music, and be creative with stories, drabbles, picsets, and fanart as we march together throughout the month of May, ROCKING THE POLITICAL AU!

**images not mine

"To Mary and Matthew, Edith and Anthony, Sybil and Tom—you're brave men, taking on the Crawley sisters for your wives—I repeat, brave men…but also very fortunate, if I do say so myself," Robert's eyes grew soft and tender as he looked at his girls. "Yes, very fortunate indeed.”

from chapter 1 of Who Wants to Marry a Crawley Sister?

inspired by @magfreak‘s “previously on…” posts about her wonderful story If Things Were Different, I am “borrowing” her idea of posting previous chapters in preparation for *deep breath* FINALLY posting an update in the next day or two!  WHOO HOO!


Sybil & Tom appreciation week: day six – Tybil scene that made you cry.

“Am I so weak you believe I can be talked out of giving my heart in five minutes flat?”