sybil temtchine


1x3 | East Sixties - Kojak (2004)

Okay so I know this is probably going to get zero notes because this is probably the first thing ever posted on the 2004 version of Kojak. 

I think these two are ADORABLE!! After the first episode she was in, my little shipper heart instantly put them together! And the way he constantly hits on her and she always turns him down, OMG LIKE WTF? LOL! I know they would have gotten together if the series had more than 9 episodes…

I pretty much like anything Michael Kelly is in so I decided to give this show a shot, and thank god it didn’t end on a cliffhanger like Suspect Behavior did or I would have probably died.

Also, this is my first photoset of gifs with text, but I made the height of them to long so the actual text is cut off…