Tom walked into the dining room to find a bomb had gone off. Or at least that’s what it looked like. There was glitter and paper and glue covering every surface. Through the craft supply explosion he could Sybil and Sybbie right in the middle of it.

“What happened?” Tom asked. 

Sybbie giggled, “Its nearly Valentines Day Da, and the teacher said that I need a box to put on my desk for all the Valentines we’ll get!” 

Sybil gave Tom a smile, “I thought we could give her a hand. We tried to wait for you to get home, but she couldn't wait.” She shrugged helplessly. 

Tom smiled. “I’ll come help in a moment, I just have to go get something.” He left the room and rummaged around in his bag for his camera. He couldn’t pass up an opportunity like this. His small family getting ready for Valentines day is something he wanted to remember.  Walking back the table he quickly snapped a picture of the two.

“Tom!” Sybil laughed as he sat down next to them, “Well, if you’re going to be like that.” She jumped up and snatched the camera out of his to take a picture of her own. 

The rest of the afternoon spiralled into madness as they tried to finish Sybbie’s box. The living room looked worse than before but in the middle they had a finished box! It was simple, just a box wrapped in white wrapping paper covered in little foam hearts. 

The next day Sybbie took her box to school and received 5 valentines from her friends and classmates. 

Tom and Sybil looked on as Sybbie read through all the cards at the table that had (thankfully!) been cleared the night before. 

“Well, I’m happy so long as those kids wait a little longer before those Valentines have meaning. No need for dating just yet.” Tom said, smiling. 

Sybil smirked, “Oh, I don’t know about that, that Valentine I gave you when we were their age meant quite a lot.” 

“Yeah? Well, I think that might be a bit different, don’t you think?” Tom said quietly as he leant in to kiss her. 

It was a sweet kiss, but enough to cause Sybbie to shout “EW DA MAM NO” and have the two springing apart laughing. 

For @coffeebean87 who asked for a photoset about Tom and Sybil helping Sybbie make a Valentine’s Day box for school, for her Valentines gift. Happy Valentines day and I really hope you enjoy this photoset and short drabble I made for you! xxxx

*manips are made by me, photos are not mine. 


“I’d wait forever…”

“I’m not asking for forever…”


“Will You Wait?” by The Yankee Countess

Weeks before the end of the War, Sybil promises that she will give Tom an answer, while he promises that he will “wait forever”.  But what if “forever” wasn’t as long as you thought?  An unexpected tragedy forces Sybil to reexamine her response to Tom’s declaration, as well as vocalize her feelings…and decision…at long last.  But is it too late?

Chapter 9

“Tom…I don’t need to wait until the War is over. Yes…my answer is, yes.”

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