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Pool Side Fun

Pairings: Robert Downey X Reader


Request: Hi! Can I request an RDJ master fluffy one or in the pool just chilling talking about random stuff & making out or watching Tropic Thunder 😂 enjoying some popcorn, cracking jokes & making out 😆

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Author’s Note: It’s short because I didn’t really feel like it needed a plot.

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“Wait that really happened?” You gasped out between laughter.

“Yes, yes it did. Little Tom Holland confused my stunt double for me.” Robert replied, taking a sip from his cocktail.

“Must have been embarrassing for him.” You scooted closer to him on the deck chair, when he pushed you away with his palm.

“Move away, your wet hair tickle.”

“Is the Robert Downey Jr ticklish?” You asked dramatically.

For a moment he was quiet, but then to justify your point you poked him in the ribs, resulting in a high-pitched squeak.

“Y/N!” He gasped,“don’t.”

“Oh really, really!” You grinned at him, poking him profusely in the ribs. Your husband tried to struggle, but there wasn’t much he could do with you straddling him.  In the process of him struggling against you.the drink in his hand decided it was the right time to spill and tipped right onto you white bikini. You gasped at the cold sensation, on your warm skin, looking down at the droplets trickling down your cleavage and below. Immediately you crossed your arms in front of your chest, obscuring Rob’s view of you.

“Robert!” You snapped away from his attention.

“Nothing I haven’t seen before."He smirked up at you, placing the now empty glass on the table. He then moved forward and picked you up like a child, as you wrapped your legs around his torso in reflex. "And I am in the mood to see much more right now."He pressed a kiss on your bare shoulder.


“Somehow none of it seems to matter when we’re in Dublin. Class and all that just fades away. I’m Mrs Branson and we get on with our lives like millions of others.”


(This is just my opinion; all are respected. No shipping wars, please!!!)

Ships I Love

  • Jatherine (Jack Kelly and Katherine from Newsies). Omg my OTP!!! There’s so much chemistry for a somewhat trite romance trope (girl annoyed by boy falls in love with him). She teaches him to let go of a dream that’s nothing more than a dream that drives him to make bad decisions while he gives her a platform to speak up against injustice. They deal in tongue and cheek while discovering that their dreams (his Santa Fe and her fame as a female journalist) are, while not less important, must be balanced with love and sacrifice. Bonus points if you racebend them (my fave is Chinese Jack. I usually don’t do Katherine, but if I did, she’d be Polynesian or African American.)
  • Eugenzel (Rapunzel and Eugene from Tangled). Another one of my faves. It’s sassy, sweet, and pretty innocent. A hardened thief falls in love with a sheltered, but still strong woman. A recurring thing I notice w/ my fave ships is that they all include the realization, or end, of a dream. Eugene gets Rapunzel’s dream to come true while realizing that his dream of wealth is a delusion; loving her finally gets him to let go of that. For Rapunzel, Eugene allows her to see the world and that the world isn’t what it seems. The loving mother she knew turns out to be an abusive abuser who could care less about her feelings while he, a petty thief, ends up sacrificing his life to give her freedom. The death part drove it in for me.
  • Percabeth (Percy Jackson and Annabeth Chase from Rick Riordan) This one is one of the more realistic ships. It takes years to develop; they go from annoyed partners on a road trip/quest to passionate teenagers w/ a real connection. They too are quite sassy with one another (Seaweed Brain, anyone?), but the devotion goes so far that they fall into Tartarus together!!! Percy helps Annabeth deal with Luke’s betrayal and Athena’s disappointment while she goes to the ends of the earth looking for him and trying to get back his memory. They have genuine chemistry, from fights to teasing to love, and it’s very touching in a world where gods callously cast aside mortals and lovers.
  • FactPoet? (Natasha and Daniel from The Sun is Also a Star; I just made up that name, if there’s one out there let me know) This one is somewhat of a satire of love at first sight, but it does it so passionately and poetically that you realize that all why mocking the idea to an extent, it actually affirms it. Does that make any sense? Okay, Natasha, a frustrated Jamaican American aspiring scientist who is getting deporting thanks to her equally trapped father spilling the beans while drunk, meets Daniel, a Korean American poet trying to dodge his parents’ demands that he go to college and become a rich doctor all while having a rude, selfish older brother who actually doesn’t turn out to be good in the end. I just love the contrast between fact and feeling; the characters fall in love so wonderfully that it’s very real. Theirs is probably the purest love I ever read or seen in books, which is amazing. The entire novel could be seen as a commentary of the science of love and the big question: what really connects people? The only flaw is that they (might) not be endgame, but hey: maybe their universe is taking longer to form.

Ships I Like/Okay With

  • Merricup (Merida and Hiccup from HTTYD and Brave) I’m not big into crossover ships, but this one is actually pretty decent. They have enough differences and similarities to balance one another out, and they are in similar family situations. Both of them feel like they’ve let down their parents (Elinor and Stoick) and want to escape and break the norms. I prefer 15-year-old Hiccup, just bc he’s funnier and closer to Merida’s age and maturity. However, while some of the material on YouTube is good, I feel like I’d need to see them actually together, like in a movie, to understand the full complexity of it. Plus Merida doesn’t need a man and Hiccup has Astrid and Toothless. It’s good to me, but not great.
  • Jelsa (Elsa and Jack Frost from Frozen and RotG) Another pairing very similar to Merricup. Two contrasting personalities in similar situations. They could definitely relate. My personal favorite AU for them is the Titanic, bc that’s Jelsa (to me) at its core: a wild child teaching a girl who follows the rules to an unhealthy extent to have fun and live life to the fullest. The YouTube videos actually do them justice. The only reason I only like them? I don’t like Jack Frost very much (I was okay until fandom overused him), Elsa might be LGBT (I’m holding out), and neither character particularly stands out to me in their own right. Honestly, I think the Jelsa vids are better than the actual movies, but that might apply to crossovering in general, which really ought to make movie studios ashamed of themselves lol.
  • Sybil/Branson (Lady Sybil and Tom Branson from Downton Abbey) okay, don’t get me wrong, I really love them in fandom. I follow the yankeecountess, I used to obsess over them, I still have this fondness for Sybil. But Julian Fellowes, to me, dropped the ball on their relationship in S2. It started out great in S1 and w/ Tom’s proposal, but the majority of the scenes saw them fighting or trying to reach a decision about running away. Not that it’s not necessary, it’s totally understandable why they’re upset. What is not good is the fact that we never see them on a good day. What is a normal day like for them? Is their relationship normally argumentative or do they joke and jest? Tbh, Fellowes really let his writing go downhill to me in S2. Bates becomes a Gary Stu; does he have an evil bone in his body? He must. Vera’s motivations make no sense, and the Evil Wife thing rubs me the wrong way (Idk why). That aside, what really saved them for me is fanfiction (courtesy of excellent writers like the YankeeCountess, who did better than proud Fellowes could ever hope) and Tom’s reactions to her death. I like how he never really got over her; he just kept her memory alive thru Sybbie.
  • Romelza (Ross and Demelza from Poldark) Scorching hot actors, amazing acting, beautiful visuals. Why aren’t they up at the top? One word: Elizabeth. Not to mention that Ross is not exactly likeable; his saving grace is his love for his wife. Demelza really deserves something better; he’s a rather grumpy man. But the devotion they share is classically charming in an abiding way. Not to mention Poldark is an exploration of the ups and downs of love and marriage, so it’s totally intentional and well done. We’re not meant to ship away blindly; we’re supposed to understand the nuance to human relationships.
  • Carolight (Dwight and Caroline from Poldark, not the gross lightening cream) I love romances that are forbidden and transcend class. These two had a rocky start w/ awkward chemistry that bordered more on being classist and a pathetic teenage girl falls for hot doc, but the result was amazing. they mutually hated, I mean love, one another and teach each other to be brave and go against the odds.

Crack Ships

  • Fa Zhou/Megara (Fa Zhou and Meg from Mulan and Hercules) Just watch Var Roman’s amazing Spirits Paralyzed vid. Now you see?

Ships that Have Potential

  • FinnRey/FinnRose/Stormpilot/Poly. Plenty of POC, sass, action, guns, and hotness mixed into all of these. Just no confirmations. FinnRey has cute hugging, Stormpilot has amazing banter, and FinnRose has two amazing actors being friends on set. Poly covers all. I just need to wait for the Last Jedi to give me an idea about what happens.

Ships I Don’t Like

Reylo (Rey and Kylo Ren from Star WarsKylo Ren’s a pretty cool villain, but he’s like the last lover anyone would want to take. I could see him having a tragic past romance, but that’s ripping off Anidala. This guy killed his dad! Plus he’s more in love w/ Grandpa’s helmet than anyone else, lol! Not to mention Rey has a bajillion hot Resistance guys to choose from.

Jackunzel (Jack and Rapunzel from RotG and Tangled). Okay, I admit it, I’m a bit biased. I ship Eugenzel and Jelsa, etc… But really, I just don’t get these too. They look hot and all, but aside from not wearing shoes, I don’t really see their personalities fitting except for a teenage first love or something. I could see them as teens during a short summer romance, but tbh I can’t see Jack settling down w/ anyone unless she makes him (Elsa, Tooth?). They’re both pretty childish, but for totally different reasons. They both need a more worldly, grounded person for romance, and as far as believing and showing the world… almost anyone fits the bill. Hiccup has a dragon; he could see Rapunzel the skies. Merida is willing to believe in witches and will-o-the-wisps. Idk, these two don’t seem like enemies, but they don’t say “couple” to me either.

JackAnna (Jack and Anna from RotG and Frozen). Same reasons as Jackunzel. Two goofy teens usually don’t catch my fancy, except if it’s Rick Riordan, But he always catches my fancy- almost (cough cough Magnus Chase).

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Incest, Pedophilia, Slavery, etc. Um, bc I have good taste?

This is just my opinion. Please respect. And have fun shipping!!!


Sybil & Tom Appreciation Week DAY 6:
“Tybil” scene that made you cry

Ediths wedding (3x03)

This might seem like an odd choice, especially since the reason I teared up was for Edith and the shit Fellowes threw at her for the sake of ~*~*~drama~*~*~, but I do find it to be a very moving scene between Tom and Sybil, as I feel of all the family members present, they were the most heartbroken for Edith.  As they watch Edith flee in tears, Sybil tearfully reaches out to Tom and puts her hand on him.  I feel this is done for two reasons: One, it’s done out of shock; she can’t believe what has just happened, and she’s seeking comfort from her husband for the sadness that is filling her.  And Two, I think she’s reaching out to him for her own reassurance, her own reminder that he’s there, that he loves her, that he meant what he said when he told her he would “wait forever”, that he never stopped believing in the two of them, and how lucky she is to have him in her life and have his love.  And Tom, bless him, I completely believe he feels Sybil’s pain, wishes he could take it away for her, and possibly thinking “how could this have happened?” as he can’t even begin to fathom not being with the woman he loves.

It’s such a subtle scene, but one that really speaks to me as a Sybil/Tom shipper

**images not mine

see. branson’s head whips round the minute jimmy gets to the ‘too rough’ of ‘too rough for mr barrow’, all: ‘bitch you didn’t.’

pretty sure this is bc when he was downstairs, everyone had many problems with thomas but the fact he was a bit lavender wasn’t one of them. now he spends a day with them all for the first time in two years and this happens and it’s just. wtf? since when was that an issue?? who’s this brat?

and then the man-hug - so i like to think. i like to think he even slightly cared about it. was slightly pleased thomas proved that little brat wrong. i mean, this was before thomas decided to be a dick about ms bunting and all that later nonsense, so it’s not beyond the realms of possibility.

sun-koroleva  asked:

Hi!! May I ask for Sybil/Tom + Angry. I'm.. I'm angry? :D

Dublin, 1921

Sybil slammed the phone down and stormed out onto the street. Tom was waiting for her out on the sidewalk, but despite him noticing the redness in Sybil’s face he wasn’t able to get a word out to ask what the matter was. “Let’s go home,” she said without pausing, marching down the street without a glance towards Tom.

“Wha – Sybil, what is it?” Tom hurried after her. “What’s the matter, love?”

“I don’t want to talk about it out here,” Sybil said. Tom could see her furiously fighting back the tears in her eyes. She looked quite ready to burst with rage as well. 

“Love, just tell me – is it something I’ve done?”

“No, it isn’t you—” 

“Then – Sybil, hold up please – why are you—?”

Sybil let out a groan that stopped her in the tracks. A couple of passerby turned their heads. 

“Angry! I’m … I’m angry!” Sybil cried. 

Tom tried to shush her, rubbing her shoulders in his attempt to calm her. “Love, it’s alright, you’re alright …”

Sybil descended into sobs as she tried to explain. “It’s Papa – he said he was cutting off the money. And – God, he makes me so angry!”

“What?” Tom gritted his teeth, trying to stem some impolite words. “Why?”

“He said he’s been giving to us for long enough and that by now we should be stable with the money. I tried to tell him the papers don’t pay well and most of the income is from nursing, and everything is costing more these days … but he won’t listen.”

“Christ,” Tom muttered. “How he could do this to us. It’s only been a year, it’s not like we could be draining his damn coffers.”

Through her tears Sybil choked out a laugh. “You actually sound like you were grateful for the money.”

Tom shrugged. “It helped with the bills, and it was generous of your father. But now that he’s cutting us off … how are we going to manage?”

“We’ll just have to try,” Sybil sighed. 

“Is there anyone else who can convince him to keep the allowance? Your mother? Mary, Matthew?”

“I don’t know. Papa is awfully stubborn. I could go back and call.” Sybil looked back at the public telephones. “Really, I just want to go home and have a cup of tea.”

“Then we’ll go home and do that,” Tom said. He took her hand and together they went down the street, towards their home. 

“We’ll manage somehow,” Sybil sighed. “I can take extra shifts.”

Tom shook his head. “With the baby on the way, you won’t be able to for very long. But you’re right: we’ll manage somehow.”


Bouncy bouncy Sybbie.

Happy Fanfiction Writers Appreciation Day!

Last year, I put together this list of fic recs in honor of the day. They are all amazing, so you should definitely check them out, but in the mean time, here’s some more. I tried to tag most of the ships and/or fandoms, so if you ship any of those or are in the fandom, check out the recs below the cut. Of course, there are plenty more amazing fanfictions/writers out there, and to them, I give a huge THANK YOU! Finally, if you have any interest in any of my stories, links can be found here.

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kayjag appreciation post!

sometimes i sit back and just have a laugh about how much i actually dislike downton abbey the vast majority of the time that thomas barrow isn’t on screen

anonymous asked:

do you have any fic recs? like for any fandom

Okay I’m gonna start off with The Raven Cycle:

For pynch I have these two (I read more bluesey than pynch, though generally the fics I read have both ships):

· Keep Those Eyes Wide (it’s smutty by the way)

· The Mighty Fall

And then for bluesey there’s these ones:

· Heavenly Wine and Roses (my favourite fic, also lowkey smutty)

· Stress Does Funny Things (both bluesey and pynch, also very smutty whoops)

· One Love, Two Mouths (sorry about all the smut whoops)

· I Don’t Believe in Fairytales (but I believe in you and me) 

· Elevator Rides 

· Almost, But Not Quite (really lowkey smut)

· Forget The Horror Here (very fun and interesting Halloween fic with highkey smut)

· Put Her Love Down Soft and Sweet (super smutty but both Blue and Gansey are girls in it)

· We’re a Crooked Love in a Straight Line Down

· Christmas Cookies and Almost Kisses

And an adansey fic written by my best friend:

· Hey, Tiger 

For Check Please, I have these:

· Someone As Good For Me As You (this is a Ransom & Holster one)

· Got Bruises On My Knees For You (zimbits and smutty)

· Positive Feedback

· Found Out

· Being In Motion (smutty)

For Miraculous Ladybug (unapologetic smile):

· Tongues of Mortals and Angels (yes, it’s smutty 😁)

· Talk To Me

· Dance in the Dark (another smutty one whoops)

For Voltron (which is pretty much all klance), I have open like thirteen tabs on my phone but I’ve been busy so I haven’t gotten around to read them all, so I’ll just link you to the ones I’ve read and enjoyed:

· Fuck Me Up 

· Making the Most of the Night (this one is my favourite, the smut is great but you’re also cracking up the entire time)

· I’d Rather Be in Your Arms (I cried so much with this one)

For Downton Abbey I’ve read so many (all Sybil/Tom), so I’ll link you to only my favest of faves:

· Scandal on Eaton Square

· Downton Abbey and Zombies (this one’s pretty much for all the ships)

· Double Take (also starring Gwen/William)

· It Never Hurts to Try

· The Harthwaite Demons (mostly Matthew/Tom tbh, but there’s Sybil/Tom and Mary/Matthew)

· The Worst (Crawley) Witch

· Darkness


ermahgerd!!! After such a dry spell I have an epic Tom/Sybil modern au story idea, ripe for the plucking!!

It’s called “Driving the Dowager” (like Driving Miss Daisy)

Dowager Countess Violet Crawley could charitably be called a curmudgeon. Her children were off living their lives. Her granddaughters were all independent young women taking over the world in their own, unique ways. It was just as well that Violet preferred the solitude of the Dowager house, only intruded upon by the aggravating, though well meaning, Isobel Crawley. 

But after a bad fall the family insisted that someone must be in the house to help Violet with all manner of chore. That someone was a young, Irish handyman-turned-mechanic-turned-column writer-turned-aspiring novelist- Tom Branson. To everyone’s (not the least Violet’s) the cranky, traditionalist, aristocrat and the affable, socialist, working class lad got on famously. Then one day the youngest granddaughter, Sybil, come to visit during a break from nursing school… and Granny got an idea…

Want to write it? It’s yours!!!

ironhammer  asked:

Ohh, tell us about the modern au/amu discworld music headcanons, please?

ALRIGHT here we go please forgive my relatively small music knowledge but these are my Opinions 

  • Rincewind is notorious for liking Approximately Six Bands/Singers and never listening to anything else. These include: Bob Dylan, a couple of blues artists (Blind Lemon Jefferson for sure, possibly Billie Holiday), and some depressing indie/folk rock bands like The Front Bottoms. 
  • Ponder loves prog rock, technopop, 8-bit music, and really obscure nerd rock type bands. Also, video game soundtracks.
  • Magrat listens to anything that you would find in a twee New Age-y shop, but especially Enya.
  • I think Granny is also a “these six artists are Who I Listen To” person. I think they are all women. One of those artists is Merry Clayton. Another is Brandi Carlisle. She likes a lot of old-fashioned country and scratchy-voiced woman folk singers ala Berzilla Wallin but quarrels with the songs if she thinks they’re silly. She also enjoys Joan Jett but would never admit this. No that was not her singing along to “Bad Reputation” in the quad at 2am. Definitely not.
  • Nanny loves pop. All of it. Especially the vaguely innuendo-y kind. It’s just fun and you can dance to it, what more do you want?? Pink is one of her faves. That absolutely was her singing along to “Raise Your Glass” in the quad at 1am. I believe she enjoys a lot of ‘80s stuff as well as contemporary.
  • I feel like Sam Vimes listens almost exclusively to gravely old dudes? I definitely think he likes Johnny Cash. Possibly also Tom Waits? I think, however, that Sybil has converted him to at least one Unexpected Musical Trend, but I can’t decide what it is.
  • Speaking of which: Sybil. Broadest musical taste in AM. Opera, classical, pop, folk, rap, country, metal, she listens to it all. She also sings along to all of it, beautifully.

“…She was a lovely person…” Tom murmured, smiling fondly as he thought of his wife while the rest of the Crawley family continued to recover from the shock that Mrs. Gwen Harding had once upon a time been a housemaid under their roof.

“Was?” a voice rang out from just beyond the dining room door. 

All heads turned then and Tom was the first to stand on his feet and grin broadly back as his wife entered the room. 

“Well I would have said ‘is’ if you were on time, love,” he teased.

“That’s Granny’s fault, not mine,” she groaned.  “Enduring more lectures about the hospital–I can’t believe she actually thinks she can recruit me to her side…”

Sybil’s voice faded as she stared at the young woman sitting between her father and Cousin Isobel and across from Tom.  The woman rose to her feet, trying to contain the grin that was quickly spreading.

“I trust no introduction is necessary?” Tom teased.

To answer, a loud squeal filled the room, and Sybil darted around the table and threw her arms around the former housemaid.  “GWEN!  OH MY GOODNESS, WHAT ARE YOU DOING HERE? WHY DIDN’T YOU TELL ME YOU WERE COMING? OH IT’S SO GOOD TO SEE YOU!”

Robert’s ears were ringing, Rosamond wasn’t quite sure what to make of the scene, Cora and Isobel smiled, though Cora looked a bit embarrassed by the outburst, while Mary and Edith exchanged a look because after all, they knew their sister, so was it really a surprise that she would behave like this?  Mr. Harding just looked confused, though he too smiled at the exchange between his wife and Lady Sybil.

“Wait…” Sybil gasped, seeming to put two and two together.  “Are YOU the one who I heard was coming, who founded this women’s college!?”

Gwen blushed but grinned and nodded her head.

“OH!” Sybil grasped Gwen’s hands tightly.  “I WANT TO HEAR EVERYTHING! Especially how all of us can help!  Whatever amount of money the school needs, we’ll fund it!”

“Um, Sybil?” Robert paled at his daughter’s sudden endorsement.

“And tell me, is it too early to start preparing Sybbie?  She’ll be six in July.”

Tom couldn’t hold back his laugh, before meeting Gwen’s eyes and winking.  Gwen giggled and nodded her head knowingly.  The year might be 1925, but it was like it was 1914 all over again.


**gifs not mine

yankeecountess  asked:

DRABBLE REQUEST! In which Mary and Edith band forces along with their brother-in-law in getting Sir Philip Asshat away from their pregnant sister (and thus helping save Sybil's life)--I have a mighty need for some ferocious "big sisters protecting baby sister" feels

Mary and Edith could tell that things were not alright when everyone was called into the library, save for Tom who had gone upstairs to be with Sybil. The concern on Dr Clarkson’s face was unmistakable, and before he even said anything they knew there was veritable cause to worry.

“It’s my belief that Lady Sybil is at risk of eclampsia,” Dr Clarkson explained gravely. 

Robert looked to Sir Philip Tapsell for an answer. “What is that?”

Sir Philip scoffed. “A rare condition from which she is not suffering!”

Edith and Mary glanced cautiously at each other. They hardly knew what eclampsia was, but being this close to Sybil giving birth, it was probably nothing short of calamitous. 

Dr Clarkson began to describe Sybil’s predicament. “Her baby is small. She’s confused, and there’s far too much albumin – that is, protein – in her urine. The fact is if I am right, we must act at once!”

From behind Matthew touched Mary’s shoulder reassuringly, but it did nothing to assuage Mary’s fears. Dr Clarkson’s panic was unnerving everyone greatly, except for Lord Grantham and Sir Philip. “And do what?” she asked. 

“Get her down to the hospital and deliver the the child by Caesarean section,” Dr Clarkson answered immediately.

From the shared expression on Edith and Mary’s faces, both of them would have picked Sybil up and carried her to the village hospital by themselves. What were they doing here, sitting in the library while Sybil gasped in pain, when they could be acting at once to help her?

“But is that safe?” Matthew questioned.

“It can’t be any less safe than what she’s going through now,” Mary snapped. “She’s giving birth, for heaven’s sake, and if what Dr Clarkson is saying is true, she’s going to be in even more danger the longer we wait.”

“Lady Mary, please do not assume these things when you are not trained in medicine in the slightest,” Sir Philip retorted.

Mary looked as if someone had thrown a lump of cow dung at her dress.

“Forcing Lady Sybil through a Caesarean section is the opposite of safe,” Sir Philip objected. “It would expose mother and child to untold dangers! She could pick up any kind of infection at a public hospital!”

“An immediate delivery is the only chance of avoiding the fits that are brought on by the trauma of natural birth!” Dr Clarkson countered.

Mary and Edith looked at each other helplessly as the doctors shot their own theories back and forth – Sybil wouldn’t get any better with the two doctors arguing, and from the agitation in Dr Clarkson’s voice, they could sense that Sybil’s life was on the line as well as her unborn baby’s. 

“A Caesarean section is a gamble which might kill either or both of them,” Sir Philip nearly shouted. 

“But if there’s a chance she might live if she has this … Caesarean section,” Edith piped up, “wouldn’t it better to give her that chance rather than leaving things to fate.”

“We aren’t leaving things to fate, Lady Edith, there is no reason to put her through that operation,” Sir Philip growled. 

Robert, rubbing his ruddy face, finally said, “I think we must support Sir Philip in this.”

“But it’s not our decision!” Mary protested. She knew Sybil wasn’t in any state to confirm what she wanted, but her husband would know what was best for her. “What does Tom say?”

“Tom has not hired Sir Philip, he is not master here, and I will not put Sybil at risk on a whim here,” Robert insisted.

Simultaneously, Edith and Mary shot up from their seats. “Now just listen, Papa!” Mary exclaimed. “It is Sybil who is giving birth, not you, and it should be her who decides how things will go. But she’s confused and hardly knows where she is, but Tom knows her best and is the only other person that can decide for her.”

“It should have been Sybil’s choice about who treats her, besides,” Edith put in. “You never asked her. Like Mary said, it’s Sybil who is giving birth, it is she who should be listened to.”

“And I know for a fact she is ill,” Mary conceded. “She told me herself, she knew something was off. That was a couple of days ago.” She sighed in shame. “I should have said something then. Then maybe this whole farce could have been prevented.”

“But what matters now is that we help her now,” Edith said. “I’m sorry Papa, but I believe Dr Clarkson—”

“So you’d put your own sister at risk over nothing?” Robert asked.

“She’s already at risk by giving birth!” Mary yelled. “Look, we need to talk to Tom right now, and the longer we wait, the more likely I think that something bad will happen to Sybil! If not by giving birth, then by hearing that a bunch of doctors were arguing about her health and not asking her or her husband what should be done!”

That was enough to convince everyone to clamber up the stairs to the gallery and and practically pull Tom out of Sybil’s bedroom. Dr Clarkson explained the situation as best he could, but all Tom was interested in was if Sybil could be helped at all.

“Could we get her to the hospital?” he cried.

Sir Philip held up his hand. “To move her now would be tantamount to murder.”

Dr Clarkson was still trying to convince Sir Philip that Sybil was indeed in danger, but all Edith and Mary could care about was Sybil’s muffled gasping from behind the closed bedroom door and Tom’s distressed face. The two of them could agree on one thing – time was running out.

“We should be at hospital by now!” Dr Clarkson said. “If we acted at once, the baby would be born.” 

“But if she had the operation now, do you swear you can save her?” Tom asked. His cracked from his own panic.

“I cannot swear it, no,” Dr Clarkson admitted, “but if we do not operate and if I am right about her condition, then she will die!” 

“If, if, if, if – I’m telling you there’s no need!” Sir Philip shouted. “There is nothing happening, only that she’s about to give birth! Why put her through more risk?”

“This is ridiculous,” Mary muttered, her hands in her face. She didn’t care if a Caesarean section might not save her, but if they didn’t take every chance they had to save Sybil then that would be a shadow that lingered over their family forever.

“Tom, Dr Clarkson is not sure he can save her,” Robert tried to convince Tom. “Sir Philip is certain he can bring her through it with a living child. Isn’t a certainty stronger than a doubt?”

“And isn’t taking a chance better than doing nothing?” Edith interrupted. 

“Lady Edith, we are not doing nothing, we are simply not putting Lady Sybil through an unnecessary operation—” Sir Philip started to say.

Mary had had quite enough. She slapped Sir Philip across the face.

“I’ve had it! I don’t care what you think — Dr Clarkson knows Sybil, he knows her symptoms, she told me about them herself, and I don’t give a damn about the risk from an operation. I’d rather she die from the operation knowing that we did what we could to save her rather than let her die right now as all of us stood by and did nothing because our papa trusted the word of some pompous unfamiliar doctor rather than the doctor who’s known Sybil her entire life!”

“So you’d have her taken to hospital?” Tom asked.

“I’ll carry her myself if I have to!” Mary exclaimed. 

From within the bedroom came a loud, agonizing scream.

“God help us,” Tom whimpered, looking like he was going to pass out. 

“That is it!” Mary gestured to Edith. “Telephone for an ambulance right now and tell them to get here as fast as the engine can go! Dr Clarkson, if there’s anything you can do to help Sybil in the meantime, please do so!” 

Edith nodded quickly and bounded down the stairs. Mary rounded on her papa and a fuming Sir Philip. “And I suggest the two of you go back downstairs and have a bit of whiskey, and don’t do anything to get in anybody’s way.”

“Mary, you are being absurd,” Robert shouted. 

“Am I?” Mary glared. “Your youngest daughter is clearly ill and each moment you say nothing is wrong, the closer she comes to dying. Papa, you had no right to interfere! You know nothing about pregnancy or childbirth or Sybil’s desires! You just wanted to prove she was still a lady by putting that arrogant prat in charge of her well-being!”

She raced into Sybil’s bedroom, tears streaming down her face and Matthew following at her heels. Downstairs, Edith’s voice could be heard speaking into the mouthpiece of the telephone. 

At the cottage hospital, Dr Clarkson hastily preformed the operation, delivering a small but otherwise healthy baby girl. But Sybil hovered between life and death for several days.

Neither Mary or Edith could hardly eat or sleep for several days. Sybil and Tom’s little girl was sure to survive, but Sybil had barely had the operation done in time. Dr Clarkson estimated that if they had hesitated for a few moments longer, Sybil would have died on the operating table. For now, it was a matter of her regaining her strength, coming out of the coma that she had been in since she arrived at the hospital.

“You and Edith did the right thing,” Matthew said to Mary as they sat outside, on their bench underneath the great big tree. “You stood up for Tom and helped Sybil when no one else was doing anything. She’ll be eternally grateful to both of you.”

“Was it enough, though?” Mary asked. “Sybil’s so weak she can barely eat.”

“But you gave Tom a little girl, and the hope that his wife will live,” Matthew said. “He’s grateful as well that you acted in spite of the doctors. Your actions probably did more to save her than the operation.”

“I just couldn’t bear it,” Mary sobbed. “They were standing there, arguing while Sybil was screaming her head off. It didn’t matter if she was in any danger or not, I would have done anything and everything to make sure she was safe. Any chance to save her, even if it failed in the end, I would have taken it. She’s my little sister, and I know I couldn’t live with myself if she died and I didn’t do anything.”

“Well, if it’s any consolation, I’m glad you smacked that other doctor.” Matthew smiled faintly. “He was starting to get on my nerves. My father said once that a doctor that treated everything as perfectly normal was a bit too narcissistic to trust.”

Mary smiled a little bit, but it disappeared as Edith came running towards them. “We have to get to the hospital now.”

“Why?” Mary was frightened. “What’s happening?”

“It’s Sybil. She’s woken up.”

*Six months later*

Matthew, Mary and Edith stood at the platform of the train station, saying their goodbyes to the Bransons. Sybil looked better than she had in months, and now that Dr Clarkson had declared her fit to travel, she and Tom were leaving Downton as soon as they secured tickets for the ship to Boston.

“Is Fiona warm enough?” Edith asked as the little baby grasped her little finger. 

“I think she is,” Tom said, grinning. “She’s as happy as a clam.”

Sybil bounced her little baby in her arms. “She’ll like Boston, I think. So much excitement.”

She looked up at Edith and Mary. “I don’t know if I’ve made it clear just how grateful I am for the two of you. If it wasn’t for you, I don’t think either Fiona or I would be here today.”

“We did what we could,” Mary said. “It was Dr Clarkson who delivered your child.”

“But you were the ones who stepped in and took control. Edith, you phoned the ambulance, and Mary – well, you told that other doctor off. I never wanted him anyway.”

“As I said to Papa,” Mary said.

“Just know that, if ever I say another cruel word to either of you, I will never forget what you did for me, and for Tom and Fiona. I mean it,” Sybil promised. 

Mary touched Sybil’s arm tenderly. “We’re your sisters, and whatever happens we will look out for each other, no matter what.”

Sybil grinned. “I hope that still holds true now that you’re expecting.”

“Do you think I wouldn’t help Mary?” Edith asked. 

Sybil shook her head. “No, I know you would do anything to save her, just like you did for me.”

She handed Fiona to Tom before embracing both of her sisters. “God, I love you two so much.”

For all of their bickering and backstabbing, no one could deny that their sisterly love was capable of conquering all adversity. No one, not even a Harley Street doctor or the Earl of Grantham, could stand in their way.

downtonabbeyandausten  asked:

A Downton edition of Make You Choose: Sybil or Edith? Edith or Mary? Mary or Sybil? Sybil/Tom or Mary/Matthew? Chelsie or Banna? Cora or Robert? Matthew or Tom? Season 1 or Season 2? Season 5 or 6?Anthony Strallan or Bertie Pelham? Edith/Bertie or Rose/Atticus? Dr. Clarkson or Lord Merton? And, if possible, pick your five favorite characters in order and five favorite ships in order :) Can't wait to read your answers!



As much as I love Sybil, I have to say Mary.

MARY AND MATTHEW!!! I like Sybil and Tom, but no one can compare to Mary and Matthew for me, they are my ultimate otp.

Chelsie, probably. Because I really don’t like Bates and Anna deserves better.

Cora. Robert is an idiot.

Matthew, clearly. I like Tom but Matthew is probably one of my favorite fictional characters ever.

Season 2. Season 1 is objectively the best but I just love Season 2 so much

Bertie, probably. He was sweet and good for Edith.

Rose and Atticus are really adorable, so I’d say them.

I don’t really care? I guess Clarkson because he’s generally more relevant.

Top 5 characters: Matthew, Mary, Sybil, Tom, Anna.

Top 5 ships: Mary x Matthew, Sybil x Tom, Rose x Atticus, Edith x Bertie, Robert x Cora sometimes


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