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Nada, primer vídeo en Twitch con @lookingforjacqs jugando al Syberia 1 (por aquello de que sale el 3 en breve).

Esperamos subir vídeo completo, pero como adelanto, aquí tenéis el primer bug de muchos. 

Nintendo Switch line-up - media coverage per game. 

 Xenoblade 2’s coverage is ridiculously low. 

Metro of Novosibirsk! 


The Moment by Evgenia Arbugaeva
Tusk and Sunset: A mammoth’s tusk spikes the Siberian sky on Bolshoy Lyakhovskiy Island. Tusks that are discovered with the mammoth’s skull still attached, like this one, are not considered more valuable, notes photographer Evgenia Arbugaeva. She spent two months on the island to document the hunt for ancient ivory. “They can’t sell the skull,” she says of the tusk hunters. There is no need to saw off the tusk from the skull. They just pull it out, like pulling out a tooth.