This time, Haruka and Makoto get a second version - in their school jerseys, matching the rest of their team!!

The original Haruka and Makoto nitotans sold out rather fast, so if you missed out, you can get these now on Sunyshore!! They are an Animega exclusive item!

By the way – the first set of Haru and Makoto nitotans, comes out TOMORROW!!!

My AU!Roxas who is an arrogant shitty motherfucking asshole. He can be quite egoistic too. 

He’s a little older here than a tiny canon 15 year old. And still fails to get actual manly abs and crap.

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Shay, nobody can answer everyone. Especially when you grow more popular. Whether you delete or just ignore them, its not you being an issue. AT ALL. Hell, the only people that could even hold an argument are the ones off anon. Don't beat yourself up.

i don’t waanna syart anything im sorry ok