littlewolf-cherryblossom asked:

(To R!Syaoran) What is your most treasured memory of your parents and childhood home?

I have many of these, but one memory that comes to mind is of my first purification rite. At the end of a week of not being able to touch anyone, both my parents hugged me for a long time, saying that they were proud of me, and that loved and missed me (though I had never left). It was a good memory.

anonymous asked:

did you ever get a chance to tell Sakura why you were crying in the library?

I never did. There was a lot going on afterwards in the library. And then we went to Tokyo… It wasn’t as a relevant after the events of Tokyo…

But it was Kurogane-san’s private past that I shouldn’t have seen, so it’s not really my place to tell anyone else about it.