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I’ve been wondering some things about me shipping Captain Swan and why that ship managed to get my attention so much… Like, it’s not that I feel weird about it or that I have any regrets, but I’ve come to think that the circumstances played a huge role in me becoming a shipper.

At 21 years old, I became a shipper for the first time for CS’ sake after watching the episode “Poor Unfortunate Soul”. I had loved some romances before but none as much as I did CS… And I think that a very important reason was that for the first time I had fellow fans. In elementary school I was too shy and too friendless to grab someone and say “I think Hikari and Takeru in Digimon are very cute together!”. The same was in junior high with me liking Sakura and Syaoran from CardCaptor Sakura. I also had no blogs and my internet interactions back then were limited and definitely not fandom related.

So I think it makes sense, that when I suddenly found people who loved a couple I was merely interested in, said interest found the perfect environment to blossom into the love I have now for it.

I also think that the amount of time I spent on it played a role. Since binge watching the first season on August 2012 I’ve been watching the show weekly. Hook appeared on my screen only two months later. I literally had years to prepare myself to love the ship even if the first romantic hint I got was at 3x02.

All in all, I think there’s a high chance that I wouldn’t have become a shipper if I hadn’t joined the fandom… And I truly, unironically have all of you to thank for it. It’s been (and still is) an amazing journey :)

Magical Heroes

Self indulgent kacchako Card Captor Sakura AU for my birthday today :> They are their bnha age so teens instead of sakura’s 10-ish?? But no quirks! Have a nice Anne day y’all ;)