syan art


Waylon scribbles ♥

I might do further sketches of my version of Waylon in this same scribble file, but for now I’m just gonna call this good. lol I want to do some scribbles of the ‘trash husband’. Among other things.

Enjoy my cleaned up scribbles, regardless.
Definitely not perfect by any means, but a lot of fun!



Some gifts for @88milesofnope of his lovely Outlast OC, Resley, since he did some art of my Outlast OC Saverio. ;v; Originally it was going to be one sketch (the stretching one) but then I wanted to try out other poses…

And then I couldn’t decide which was my favorite, so I finished them all. :U ♥

This was a lot of fun! And a little bit of a learning experience. But I enjoyed myself. Thank you again @88milesofnope for the art you did for me. And, enjoy these. I’ll definitely want to draw more of this boy in the future.