syan art


Waylon scribbles ♥

I might do further sketches of my version of Waylon in this same scribble file, but for now I’m just gonna call this good. lol I want to do some scribbles of the ‘trash husband’. Among other things.

Enjoy my cleaned up scribbles, regardless.
Definitely not perfect by any means, but a lot of fun!

click image for full size because this doesn’t exactly do it justice :P

@trapped-with-nightmares​ asked me, a few weeks back, to draw Saverio with his jumpsuit hanging open (because that’s how he wears it during the riot and after) and I just couldn’t say no. I was incredibly lazy about actually coloring it tho. Haha, but finally it is done! ♥

Sav’s, of course, gotta pose like a model… because why not?

pretty delighted with how this turned out, mistakes aside.

“I swear… I really can’t take much more of this bullshit.”

Say hello to my (completely accidental) second Outlast OC, Ryan Sheehan. He’s a scientist, which is probably obvious from his outfit, and he’s just…. a bit… fed up with all the stuff that goes on at Mount Massive. He’s still a bit of an asshole tho, and I’ll probably talk about him more later. Also, the freckles are everywhere.