Love is Not Over pt. 3

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A little series I made where Yoongi is your boyfriend and feels like there’s something more than friendship between you and Jeon Jungkook.

I changed the gif I know! It just fit really well with this part of the story, and who doesn’t love run??? (fighting, please proceed with care) part 4 coming next week!

Yoongi sat on the couch, pretending to watch the tv. Really he was watching her, getting ready to go out. Her coat and hat on, walking in and out of the room as she forgot things. She didn’t even look at him, acting like he wasn’t there.

He was calmer now, or maybe just the force of being angry had tired him out. He wondered for a moment if she had slept as he looked at her tired face. He hoped she had.

She pulled her bag up over her shoulder and left without saying a word. Yoongi stared at the front door. He knew he would follow her, even if he didn’t want to.

He sighed and turned off the TV. He could see the snow falling outside through the window. He knew it would be freezing out, but he didn’t know if he had the will to put on a coat.

He stood up and walked to the coat rack by the door. He pulled a long fleece overcoat off of the hook and pulled it on. He saw his face in the small mirror on the wall, his dark eyes vacant and glazed, rimmed red with tears. He wrapped a scarf around his neck. He pulled the door open and walked into the cold morning.

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Every episode I will give out a #RideorDie award. This one goes out to the Electrical Closet. It was almost Chernobyl up in that piece with the chemical eruption between Olivia and Fitz. That closet held it down and provided much needed support. Things could have so easily gone the way of SuperBowl 2013. Then it would have been over. People would have gone investigating, smelled the sex funk, etc, etc. So, to you, Electrical Closet I give a salute and an honorary #Olitz pin.