Sooyoung’s ABC: Omma

To my Sooyoung, the best daughter in the world. You are surprised that I told so many secrets today, right? But I was very happy that I could learn more about you and your feelings. Long time ago, when we fought I used to shout and tell you, ‘Then go out and live in a dorm!’ .. Do you remember? But you know.. When you debuted, the day you actually moved to a dorm.. Do you know how I felt, how much I cried while thinking that if I knew you were going to move out so soon, I should have done better as your mom? So when you occasionally come back home and go back to the dorm.. I don’t think you know how much it means to me that you say 'See you later’ instead of 'Goodbye!’.. To my young but wide hearted baby, to my young lady who will become an even bigger star in the music scene.. You will be always more important than anything. You know, right? I love you, our daughter..