sy tries to tennis

Q: Konomi-sensei, if you changed places with Sanada for a day, what would you do? A: If I became Sanada, I would yell, “How are you being gentleman-like!” at Yagyuu for his recent non-gentleman-like actions (trickery). Then, I would make him eat my slap, and when he’s still in shock I would look down at him by using “Rai” to run away in a dash. (laughs) Furthermore, I would thickly spread hair gel in Yanagi’s hair to make his hair stand up. Then, I would use “Rai”… (the following is omitted).
—  Takeshi Konomi (Sanada Genichirou)

wow too much love for the fandom we forget that we’ve got no right to dictate how it should go. Having Shin TeniPuri animated was more than enough, plus you are given such a wonderful fandom. Stop complaining pls ;__;  Konomi-sensei deserves so much better than that.