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Name: Oliver
Age: 14
Country: USA

Hello! I am looking for someone to talk to, as I live in the middle of nowhere (no wifi, its crazy!) and it gets very lonely.

I love the sport of fencing, and quidditch. I love to read sy-fi and fiction. I am a transboy, and actually lived in New Zealand for most of my life. Green Day, Fall Out Boy, A R I Z O N A, Portugal. The Man, P!ATD, and Paramore are some of my favourite bands.

If you are from a different culture thats actually really cool, as I would love to learn about how you live. Also! I would love to use snail mail, as I don’t have wifi at my house, but through tumblr/email is totally okay too, if thats what you’d prefer. (oh gee, that sounded weird, but I promise, I’m totally normal)

Preferences: [Not answered]


favorite 80s movies » Repo Man (dir. by Alex Cox; 1984)

”Ra-di-a-tion. Yes, indeed. You hear the most outrageous lies about it. Half-baked goggle-box do-gooders telling everybody it’s bad for you. Pernicious nonsense. Everybody could stand a hundred chest X-rays a year. They ought to have them, too.”

some random headcanons no one asked for

- noya is a really good dancer and hes good at several kinds of dance including break dancing, hip hop, ballroom and ballet

- noya is also very bisexual and he came out first to saeko on accident. it was early in his first year of high school, she was bleaching his hair for him bc he needed “a new, cooler look for high school”. he was talking about his new volleyball team mates when he absentmindedly let it slip that he thought his senpai azumane asahi was “really hot”

noya is like a little brother to saeko so she kept this conversation secret until he was ready to properly come out

- ushijima listens to and owns every taylor swift album

- oikawas alarm sound on his phone is the “Sy-fi” one

- iwaizumis is the original stock alarm bc he doesnt see why he should change it

- maki and matsun know eachothers phone passcodes so they constantly go back and forth setting terrible selfies as the others home screen

- they also know oikawas passcode and every so often they make new shortcuts for certain words, one time they made “practice” change to “fuck” knowing full well who he would ask to practice the most. that was their favorite.

- kageyama is very emotionally invested in neko atsume bc he likes that the cats arent afraid of him like real ones are, his favorite cat is socks and he changed sunnys name to hinata

- bokuto doesnt know when to stop, with anything, which is why he always ends up getting stuck holding the door for literally e v e r y o n e

- kuroo plays every video game kenma does so he can talk to him about it, bc he likes how kenma smiles softly when talking about his favorite games

ID #70242

Name: Valeria
Age: 18
Country: Italy

Hi everyone! I’m Valeria, you can also call me Vale, I’m 18 years old and I come from Italy

When I know a person, at first I’m a bit shy, but when I become friends with a certain person I turn into a very nice chatterbox, at times crazy, but fun to be around. I’m also an openminded person because I’m interested in knowing cultures and traditions of different places and in learning languages (maybe you can teach me your language and I can do the same).I study tourism hoping to be able to visit the world one day.

I love listening to every kind of music. I love Melanie Martinez, One Republic, All Time Low, Marilyn Manson, Ed Sheeran, Paramore, Linkin Park, Panic! At the disco, Sean Paul, 5 Second of Summer, Got 7,BTS…there too many to list XD

I also like reading every kind of book: thriller, fan fictions, sy -fi, romantic, adventure…

I’m also a series addicted. I love Arrow, Flash, Game of Thrones, Reign,Sherlock, Chicago Fire,Chicago PD,NCIS,13 reasons why,…

I love watching films of every genre, but my favs are:Fast & Furious, Marvel and DC because I have a crush on Joker.

I would like to get to know new people so if you’re reading this just contact me, I don’t mind not having the same interests.

Preferences: I have not preference. I would like to get to know new people and I don’t mind not having the same interests. :)

Pro Tip: Don’t watch Sharknado 2 tonight without our drinking game


Take two sips…

– Whenever it’s clear the movie was actually shot in the winter.

– Every time somebody explains why they hate sharks.

– Whenever the movie’s sense New York geography is wildly inaccurate.

– Every time somebody uses the phrase “jump the shark”

– For every B-List celebrity cameo.

Watching the Futurama marathon that the Sci-Fi (or Sy-Fy, which I will hate till the day I die) Channel is running this weekend and just finished one of my favorite episodes. It maybe a unpopular opinion but … 

I think “Luck of the Fryish” is more emotionally effecting than “Jurassic Bark”

*Ducks all the trash thrown her way. Hides from the angry mob*

Now don’t get me wrong, I also really like “Jurassic Bark” and think it’s a great episode that explores Fry’s past and how no matter how well he fits in to the year 3000, there’s still this small part of him that’s always going to be a bit out-of-sync. Not to mention the gut-punch of the ending. Truly an amazing episode.

But I think why “Luck of the Fryish” edges out for me is that Fry never got to know his impact on Seymour, as clever and emotionally wrenching as the last few minutes are, they were just for the audience. The true emotional drive of “Jurassic Bark” is Fry’s relationship with Bender, with Seymour providing context for Fry’s notions of “Best Friend-ness”.

“Luck of the Fryish” on the other hand, gives Fry some much needed validation and sense of self in this new world, especially after what his former girlfriend Michelle said in the previous episode “The Cryonic Women” about how nobody looked for him and generally didn’t care that he disappeared (from their perspective). All his life Fry was only able to barely skate by, not having even good intelligence, or drive, and got verbal abuse from just about everyone he ever met. And to find out that the older brother who did nothing but resent his very existence honored him with a namesake that used Fry as inspiration to achieve so many amazing things is a great moment that audience & character get to experience together. Fry did matter. Fry was missed. Fry was loved.

And I think that’s a wonderful notion, that we may not think it now, but we impact the people around us much more than we’re able to perceive. <3

*I just wish they would’ve given us a sequel to this episode by having Fry search out Phillip’s head at the Head Museum to go bonding with his nephew. Because, come on, you gonna tell me that the First Person on Mars didn’t earn a prime shelf in the Explorers Wing? :)*