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From Elvis: My Best Man, by George Klein.

Halloween fell a few days after the Pan Pacific shows, and our group was thrilled to have been invited to a party thrown by Sy Devore, the top Hollywood designer known as the “tailor to the stars.” Except that the invitation was really for Elvis, and he didn’t want to go. The more excitedly we talked about the party, the less interested he was in it, and when somebody made the mistake of saying “Everyone’s going to be there,” that about clinched it: He didn’t want anything to do with the Halloween party. But he didn’t count on an early-evening visit from Billy Murphy, who turned up with a handmade Halloween present for Elvis: a beautifully put-together, gold Mardi Gras-style mask. Elvis took one look at Murphy’s mask and said, “All right, we’re going to the party.”

Elvis with actresses Jeanne Carmen and Joan Bradshaw at Sy Devore’s Halloween Party, October 31, 1957.

Sy Devore
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Interested in learning more about Sy Devore, Neal’s suit inspiration? While working, I came across this unpublished article about Devore. It’s labeled as a draft, so it’s not super polished. I thought I’d share it for those interested!

Man Who Suits the Stars
By Richard Tregaskis, circa late 1950s

Born Seymour Dworetsky fifty years ago in Brooklyn, a slim, gentle-spoken man now called Sy Devore is the most successful tailor to the stars.

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