RULE No.62: Thou shall not pretend that you liked Donnie Darko when you first saw it. Nor shall you pretend that you even liked it. Be honest with yourself and admit that at first you thought Tears For Fears a young Jake Gyllenhaal were the only redeeming features.

-_- pussyclart……  

Southwark Cathedral

I find this place amazing. Hardly anyone knows about the MASSIVE CATHEDRAL next to the river. Its strange how something so big can be so hidden, even in London. The cathedral is at least a thousand years old and the site itself is even older than that. I love it for two reasons. 

1: i had a school trip here

2:In the story of  "The Canterbury Tales" starts here and continues down the Old Kent Road and i find it amazing that Im standing on the same stones that those pilgrims were standing on all those years ago 

This is my new haircut and polo. I seriously love polos right now. ARGH!  i fear of sounding like a fashion blogger but i think this is like a new thing ect etc etc. But i thought" hey, those guys in “This Is England” look cool, so why not swaggerjack them? That and also my collection of flannel shirts was getting a bit too repetitive. 

This haircut is nice but i wish the girl graduated it more. Now my silhouette will look like i have either a tiny hat or a poo on my head. Still, i didn't pay for the haircut so im not complaining.