Remember back in middle school, when there was that one kid…you know…kinda short, scrawny, always dirty. Got picked on once and only once, because in the ensuing brawl he left NO DOUBT in anyone’s mind that he would kick, claw, scratch, bite, and gouge anyone that f@#$ed with him with such a fury that their own mother wouldn’t recognized the few pounds of flesh left writhing under the monkey bars? Turns out he had a rough home life and was actually raised by wolves since he was 3, was hooked on meth by age 7, was the long lost nephew of Walter Kovacs and wandered into your school by accident after a night of binge drinking on a cross country freight train of which he then fell off. You knew one of those kids, right? I think we all did.

This is that kid, in car form. Shot at the psych ward…not an accident.

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