A Wish Come True!

By Shawn

Tomorrow I leave with fellow classmates for Austin, TX and begin my adventures at SXSW.  Earlier in the day some of us gathered to go over last minute details in order to make our time down in Austin as successful as possible.  As I sat there and listened to everyone conversing about what needs to be done prior to leaving in the morning; all that was running through my mind was “I can’t believe this is happening!”  Excitement began to set in and I wish that I was in Austin today, but I only have to wait just a while longer and my wish will come true.

I have spent the day packing everything that I will need while down in Austin.  Those that do not know I am from Florida going to college in Minnesota, so the trip to Austin is an opportunity not just to attend SXSW, but to reach some much needed warm weather.  I must have packed and re-packed my bag three times in order to only take the necessary items because I know that I will be bringing back what my teachers refer to as “SXSW Swag” which is all of the free stuff that is given out to  badge holders.  This reason alone made me re-pack several times and I still don’t think I have enough space for all that “Swag.”

We leave tomorrow in the mid-morning and will arrive in the early afternoon in Austin.  At this point in time once we arrive we will check in to get our badges and then settle in the hotel.  The advice that we were given is to take it easy for the first day because we have all week to have our experiences, but I must admit that once we settle in I just want to start exploring and meeting some new people who are there for similar experiences.  I will probably follow the advice from those that have been going to SXSW for years, but over the last week I have been following so many people on Twitter that it may be hard to resist the temptation of hitting the ground running.  As of this point in time it is still up in the air to as what I will do, but whatever ends up happening my plan is to roll with it and see what happens.  Stay tuned throughout the week because there will be many stories based on my experiences and I am sure they will be interesting for you to   hear as well as for me to tell.  Well, until next time.