Billie Joe Armstrong at SXSW

a year and a half ago, Simon was in town(Austin, TX) for the movie I Give it a Year.  So of course I had to do a little bit of Mentalist fangirling.  We had a moment where he rolled up and the security and all the fans were around him, and the security guard was like, “okay Mr. Baker, we’re going to head over there.” As soon as he said it the security guard and everyone else started moving quickly to the door.  Everyone moved except for Simon and I, for a good five seconds it was just the two of us and no one else, standing right next to each other.  I almost got an autograph but before he could take my pen and Mentalist dvd the security guard was back to swoop.  But it was a fun moment.  


(Top photo by Rodolfo Gonzalez; Middle Row photos by Jay Janner; Bottom Row photos by Ashley Landis for Austin American-Statesman)

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