*whispers* why are there so many of you, and why can’t i hug all of you?

i really am surprised that there are this many of you following me and my dumb cook. when i joined the fandom, i was only on my first ever read-through of one piece, and muse for sanji got me in alabasta. i felt really dumb at the time for getting muse for him so early cause i didn’t know a damn thing about him, but i’m glad i did because making this blog as given me the chance to meet so many amazing people.

i don’t wanna take up a lot of space on your dashboard, so below the read more is a list of people i follow. i’ve either interacted with you had had a ton of fun ( and want to interact again, ) or i admire you from afar.

then, below that, i have some messages for some people i’m very close to.

i love you guys and i really appreciate that you take the time to write with me. a lot of you have been pointing out that i have a lot of passion for sanji and i never realized that it was something people could notice, but i wouldn’t have that passion if it weren’t for you guys. ❤

sorry in advance if i miss any of your blogs if you have more than one, or if i missed anyone at all.

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            It’s been a year. A whole year already since I started my Vivi blog.  I can’t even believe tbh.   i can’t believe how many wonderful people I was able to meet on here, the countless smiles and surprises, friends I’m so blessed to have with me now.   I usually have a hard time approaching others, but it’s not only me, I’m aware of that. Yet, most people I met were so understanding and patient, so sweet and caring, it warms my heart.   This year, for me, have been tough. REALLY tough, lots of irl issues and many negative moments;  but also, when I look back, I found myself smiling again while thinking about what you guys brought to me.  Smiling is a key to keep going on, smiling at least once a day.  You have no idea HOW MUCH one single true smile means to me, and how much difference it can make in ones life.  So I’ll say now: SMILE more!  May this New Year to come be full of happiness and smiles, gratitude and kindness!!!

                                            THANK YOU ALL

@sombrc DANI, GURL, you have no idea HOW MUCH I love you. Oh, wait, I repeated myself a couple of times already, right?? I won’t say much more than I already have, but you definitely is one person who always made my days brighter every single time I was able to speak to you, everywhere, either we rp or not.  I’m so so so happy we met, I still can’t see my Mina without your Mako tbh?? like?? nope??? Thank you for everything, for being this wonderful person as well!! WE SHALL PLAY OVERWATCH THIS YEAR I PROMISE

@rocketbcss CHRISSY!! It’s 100% my fault we don’t speak more. I’m so sorry :’) I’m just a quiet shy butt.  But I’m always so so happy to be able to actually approach you? Always we get close, you bring the biggest smile to my face, plus you are one of the most talented butts out there, s r l y . Ily a lot, thank you for being so kind and nice to me!! ILY!

@xmelodiious​ DEE!!! I’ve told you already once how I actually found you, right? I wasn’t still in this fandom when I did, I found a couple of OP blogs, and then I found this VERY PRETTY OC.  I found myself loving Rosa so madly fast.  Then I thought, I wonder if one day I will be able to speak to this mun! We possibly might have a lot in common, for someone to put so much on a character like Rosa, adding so much delicacy, from the aesthetics to her personality. I’m so happy we started to actually speak eventually, you became one of the most important friends for me!! Thank you for always being so so so sweet! Ily bb!

@saboners​ CHERIEEE, lovely, you were one of the first persons I’ve met when I joined this fandom. It was always so easy to speak to you, to laugh at crack posts and skype stuff. I love so much speaking to you, I’m so glad I can call you a friend tbh!! Thank you for always being so kind and caring as well!! Ily a lot!!!

@worldsmostdangerous​ HELENAAA, you are another person that I started speaking so naturally and easily. Idek how it happened tbh? But suddenly I found myself blabbing at you constantly about stuff and rps. This is actually quite rare, and makes me so happy :’)  Thank you for always being so nice and patient as well! Ily bb!

@xviipera@xviridiis@xcombustiion@ryuuseiken@sakashiima@eprxr@devilslcg . @chillin-at-partys-bar@silvcrsoul . @foxfirae@keeneyed . @finelendal@marco-fushicho . @unsurpassed . @scarlethaki . @eyesofwater@mindaxsassin@gratixsa . @surgeonofheart . @pxrphyrin@sabakunoo@hellstrings . @ask-sadi-chan . @featheredjudge . @dontxcallxmexcute . @badasswolf69@fierylegacy . @theflamingcommander . @themostfreedom . @shukkou . @kaizcku . @bloominghands . @eviscxration . @evils-champion . @akumachild . @tenaxmiles . @yosokui . @konekonami . @wittyneko . @chefalier . @blckleg . @autotoxins . @1chijirexu . @winchxgreen . @7hits . @hip-shccter . @benn-beckman . @spottedsoftpaws@roronoism . @ofsworrds@jambenoire . @kxyx-ojo-sxmx . @nobodytouchthenose . @armisxmultis . @shambled-metal . @blood-batx@raajasii . @bughammer . @asktashigi . @obsidianapanthera . @waveringiridescence . @beastyhound . @monodiculari . @aeristheancient . @koorinoouji . @xrushii . @pcrona . @magnetiicus . @galvxnized . @clownstarbuggy . @lordofelves . @idiothandle . @orewahida . @kcguya@rubberbastard . @haihune + mutuals

In no particular order. I tried to not repeat the same mun either and just mention one blog of each (failed prob not sure). Also, I REALLY apologize if I forgot anyone. There’s a good reason this is actually my first bias list in so long :’) I’m always nervous about forgetting names. But you know, some on here I just stalk, some became good friends, but one single fact: every single of you always made me smile at least once, be sure about that!