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how could be a relationship between sp/sx and sp/sx (just curiosity lmao)

Great assuming the sx main doesn’t get too put off by the sp main. Sx mains can feel very unwanted easily by sp mains. While sx mains may feel that “spark” with an sp main if the sp main withholds too much the sx main may feel a lack of commitment and chemistry, which is vital for the sx main.

The sx main is much more likely to close off for the long haul.

In an established relationship, they’d likely do quite well because the hardest part of this pairing seems to be the pre-dating stages

During the relationship, the same issues may be present but it really depends on what type of person the sx main is. Some sx’s are fine…sxing w friends and not significant others (more common w sxso and sosx) but may intially be clingy

Overall a solid pairing