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we are shipping nightmarionne/mvinnie now or is just a joke? i need context BonnieBoy

Oh god no, it’s a joke. The topic came up because Javi and I were talking about a ship for Vinnie at like 1 or 2am and it was kind of one of those, “Wouldn’t it be funny if…” moments.

But no, it’s not actually a ship, and it really wouldn’t work even if it wasn’t a joke? I wasn’t even aware Javi drew stuff about it until last night. Heck, Javi was the one who drew it and she doesn’t even remember drawing it.

It’s very much a crackship that is not meant to be taken as anything but a joke.

an exrta weird doodle, because we cant get enough of those, can we? zsrjxjnxsrfjmxdrykmdtkm help me, the angst arc by @askbonnieboy and @silverxcristal / @fnaf-sxc is killing me, and im just trying not to drown in the puppet hell by sailing on the eggnard ship, but leaks are everywhere and i dont know how to swim. rip ;-;

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Tumblr unfollowed me from you for some reason! But, I (re)followed you again, so all is right in the universe!

Tumblr sometimes do that?? like- make you unfollow somebody and you dont notice jkhñklasd

ayy hello, welcome to the blog again (?