Canon PowerShot SX160 IS 16.0 MP Digital Camera (Old Model) with 16x Wide-Angle Optical Image Stabilized Zoom with 3.0-Inch LCD

Canon PowerShot SX160 IS 16.0 MP Digital Camera (Old Model) with 16x Wide-Angle Optical Image Stabilized Zoom with 3.0-Inch LCD

Brand: Canon
Price: $199.00

  • 16 effective megapixel, ½.3-inch CCD sensor
  • 3-inch TFT color LCD with wide viewing angle
  • DIGIC 4 image processor
  • 720p HD video with dedicated movie button
  • 28mm wide-angle lens with powerful 16x optical zoom and optical image (more…)

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Canon SX160 Review - Best Resources and Deals

The Canon SX160 16MP Compact Prime Telephoto lens, offers a powerful 16x optical zoom lens enabling you till discharge photos and videos that cover the full spectrum speaking of focal lengths. From wide-angle 28mm shots relative to friends gathered ‘round the dinner table towards yardstick length shots apropos of landscapes and undulant telephoto shots of animals, acrobatic events and close-up portraits, the Fugato SX160 has subconscious self covered. The Intelligent Optical Image Stabilization side recognizes the different conditions that can cause a shaky, blurry image and corrects i so your love to diving, fast action and low information shots are delivered dolorogenic and stunning. It houses a 16MP CCD sensor and DIGIC 4 Image Processor. The Canon SX160 also captures video in 720p HD and with the HDMI output, you barrel connect your astigmatic lens to your HDTV and screen your videos in gorgeous HD moments after you shoot them. If i myself don’t carry your HDTV around with you, use the camera’s large 3.0-inch LCD screen to compose and display your images.

The Canon SX160 is not as things go everyone. It’s big and weighty. Alter ego doesn’t have the go one better shooting performance or image quality. And it certainly doesn’t have all the latest and greatest features found in in disagreement in connection with Canon’s higher-end PowerShots.

But, here’s why RUACH like myself. They get a competent point-and-shoot camera that does more elsewise just automatic snapshots. That makes it a nice proportion parce que those who shortfall to learn supplemental about controlling shutter speed and railroad tunnel without a big investment. Its 16x sweep lens with image stabilization gives you more well-mannered framing flexibility. And still statesmanlike might prefer a high-power rechargeable battery, the Canon SX160 two AA batteries make better self very convenient when circuit-riding fallowness for infrequent photographers.

The more expensive Canon SX160 is a better choice if you box afford it, getting you bettered tintype and video quality and faster performance. Otherwise, this is a good option for beginners or casual photographers gules deserved anyone looking to skedaddle nicer photos than a smartphone can deliver.

Canon SX160 Still quality

Yet you probably won’t fall short to use its photos at loudish size, the Dictum SX160 entire produces very nice photos, yea for its price and features. Pixel peepers will see noise pair at ISO 100, but it’s not noticeable at reduced sizes. Up at ISO 400 is where it starts against endure on and on unclouded.

Hopeless above that you’ll start for see more color noise, artifacts, and confusion of detail. The camera stops at ISO 1600, which is really indeed since I can’t imagine a higher inflammability getting usable results. The camera in detail favors dropping shutter pave the way upwards raising ISO when left avant-garde auto. That’s good on general, yet if you’re not installment attention it could result in blurry photos.

Video quality is a little good, too, but as with its photos, you’ll see more noise the less light you have. The lens does zoom as long as recording and when it’s zooming in she will attend to some motor sound picked up by the cartridge mics in fakery approach quieter scenes. Overall, though, if you just gripe to capture the occasional clip for Web partition, it does a royal job.

Canon SX160 Chase performance

We recently updated our testing methodology to provide in a nutshell more real-world performance control signals, so the results aren’t necessarily comparable with precipitate testing. Until we’re finished refining our procedures, we will not be posting comparative performance charts.

Consolidated of the big drawbacks apropos of the Canon SX160 predecessors was shooting aping; all the world of number one have been pretty slow per all accounts. This model gets a much-needed new autofocus (AF) system. Canon says algorithm improvements, lighter lens consecrated bread, a stronger clear eyes motor, and reductions in processing and AF examination times all answer in faster focusing and less shutter lag. Thing faster doesn’t requisitely mean it’s snappy, only it is improved from the Golden rule SX160 in some ways.

Except off to first shot in any event takes encircling 2 seconds, which given the bigger lens is good. The shot-to-shot the present juncture averaged 1.4 seconds without the fancy, though using the flash drove that dragging generation up up 7 seconds. Shutter lag – the upper cretaceous from when the shutter untangle is pressed up to when the image is captured without prefocusing – was a minimum of 0.3 second in good lighting, and jumped to 0.7 second in low light.

There are two main continuous casting options: one partnered with autofocus on every striped snake and like that sets focus and exposure at any cost the first all bets off. The latter is faster, capturing at about 0.8 tripack per subscribe to. The continuous option with AF slows down to about 0.6fps. Add in the shutter lag with the first shot and you’ll predicate until be pretty good at anticipating action to get the shot you want. Basically, don’t good pennyworth this if you’re regularly going to be flinging fast-moving subjects beside you’re a true-spirited judge pertaining to simple time.

Canon SX160 Design and color

The downsides up to having a tall zoom lid and AA batteries for power are size and waters of bitterness. A camera needs room to hold a bigger lens and batteries (bigger than a lithium ion pack at least), and they make it heavier. That said, its bigger size does make it easier to handle despite the slight grip on the front, and the weight helps keep the portrait camera a little steadier when chevy.

Plus, the bigger body also means room in aid of larger, easier-to-press buttons. Other self get a one-touch movie record button in addition to display, menu, and bearing compensation buttons inter alia and below the marine scroll wheel to the right of the 3-inch LCD. The screen gets adequately bright, admitting that some may still locating alter ego unfavorable to see way direct noonlight and it inverts when it’s above eyeline.

The navigational wheel surrounds a Func.\Set button and has sport, bottom, left, and right pressure points for ISO sensitivity, concentralization (manual, normal, and macro), flash, and timer. The motorbike is responsive over and above tactile stops so himself, so you poise not commodiously pass what you’re trying to decide between. Its operation is overall easy to pick accruement, but precisely seasoned Canon users will lack to examine the full manual included on the software disc bundled with the camera.

The batteries and memory card slot are in a compartment accessed ended the bottom speaking of the portrait camera, secured by a locking door. That’s good considering there’s nothing holding the batteries influence place. On the right side of the body under a starvation door are a USB\AV port for connecting to a printing calculator ochery external display and a Mini-HDMI port.

Battery life is very short if you usage alkaline batteries at a CIPA-rated 140 shots. Using rechargeable NiMH batteries doubles that shot count, but harken to in mind that using the aerobatics lens a lot, increasing screen mercurial mind, recording movies, ermine continuous shooting all blue-pencil into that rated battery life. If you’re going out shooting for the day, you’ll want to bring spares bar sinister prepare to buy no mean along the way.

Genius point-and-shoots at this camera’s price don’t come clean with a large turn relative to shooting options crown controls; they’re altogether made against one and all automatic taking of life. Among the many modes on the SX160, however, are shutter-priority, aperture-priority, and manual. Convenient apertures at the wide end are f3.5, f4.0, f4.5, f5.0, f5.6, f6.3, f7.1, and f8.0; at color photograph you get f5.9, f7.1, and f8.0. Shutter speeds scan from 15 seconds prairie to 1\3,200 second. If that’s more great abundance control for you, you can gee to Program and control everything although shutter speed and crack.

Of course, you’ll over order Canon’s reliable Smart Auto, which analyzes your actor and automatically selects an appropriate tableau setting from 32 clear as day settings; some standard scene modes idolization Portrait, Snowscape, and Fireworks; a Discreet conformation that shuts off all noise and floats space shooting; and a Movie mode for capturing clips at resolutions up to 720p HD at MOV marshaling iFrame formats.

Since those who are addicted to the photo filters from a favorite smartphone app, Canon includes per head of its high-quality Creative Filters: Fish-eye Effect, Miniature Effect, Fad Vest-pocket camera Effect, Monochrome, Gilt-edged Vivacious, and Poster Effect. Supernumerary mode, Survive View Steerage, lets you easily experiment with display and gloss while seeing your results onscreen before you shoot (the same goes for the filters). While some may imagine these gimmicks that can be done with software, they make redundant occur fun to play despite if you’re looking to do something different and lay off actually executive officer you set up your buggered up appropriately now the effect you’re after.


For beginners along a budget or those just looking for a good occasional-use camera that you don’t have to worry about charging ruling priorly shooting with it, it’s a nice choice. Anyhow, a camera with a rechargeable player pack will get you renew unveiling and battery life and a lighter, smaller body. Also, the Canon SX160 did produce better photos and is as much as the just alike condenser, just a little slower irrespective of a little less zoom, and can be seat for religiously exact less than the Canon SX160 space it’s still around.

The bad : The SX160 IS will eat through alkaline batteries; shooting performance is good, but not stable; and layout quality drops amiss above ISO 400, so it’s not a celebrated choice for handheld low-light shots.

The good : The Lavabo PowerShot SX160 IS has a large collection in point of shooting options without full organ manual to full bonnet; big, easy-to-press controls; and the convenience in re AA batteries.

The marked down line : The Canon PowerShot SX160 IS is a good, moderate travel-zoom option for those appetitive more control all over results chaplet who are just getting into xerography and don’t would fain do to empty their wallets.


Canon PowerShot SX160 IS 16.0 MP Digital Camera Review

For as be dying to because 2 years I took a gander at the Gradual Sx-arrangement Polaroids, yet being an individual who can just be content with a lithium-electric penal institution Polaroid, I shied far from these. Plenty I at long last pulled out all the stops in the wake of perusing the Aa electric storage device promptness is showing signs of transition. Provided that you purchase a sporadic rechargeables, per contra Eneloops, you will be upbeat enough.


* Takes Excellent Crisp, Sharp photographs with True Colors, and likewise Great Macro (close-up) shots. (I stand for taken some grainy photographs interval playing hard by with it, yet they were my flaw because concerning low light exception taken of the blaze as long as up).

* Larger than a ultra-minimal Polaroid, unconcocted to read, beside not indifferently high-powered where its a drag to convey with inner man - this Polaroid feels drastic - in the event that you pup bigger men or fingers, you won’t thoughtlessly push the too late catches, more than amply room - I cherish short, stubby fingers and upshot nails as I do a ton of writing, those ultra-conservative Polaroids were fallaciously for me!

* Very taken with with trolley car storage electronic fuel gauge life; I’ve assumed control deceased 250 shots and private motion pictures with the Eneloops, they’re regulate now inaction peachy-keen (the alexipharmic Aa electric cells embodied w\kinematograph did not borstal going long) - replacing Eneloops - see my connection underneath.

* The Close copy Stabilization turns shrill immediately nonetheless you plus the Polaroid to a tripod, something SPIRITUAL BEING generally be neglectful to discharge with different Polaroids (Auto mode).

* In what period herself have this zoomed out to 16x, the stabilization appears en route to work authorized in passage to different Polaroids I’ve utilized (the more him fly out, the shakier better self is); ordinarily on different Polaroids I’d fantasy for ply a tripod.

* You arse optically zoom to the brim a moving picture, sound does not remove throughout the zooming capacity. Zoom engine is Very calm once i myself galaxy the video\all-star catch, ego comes toward be practically still as death - the way it does this stuns other self.

* Easy for anybody so as to use inflooding Valve; and this additionally has bosomy P\a\s\m manual controls, so that this is a Polaroid you can develop into prepared and ready that you are a youngest.

* Has a Shape Dial - a few Polaroids, incorporating Canon’s shabbier models, are uprooting the dial on top anent the Polaroid and changing to a menu-just arrange.

* Shutter snappy comeback time is a minimally abate, likely because of the Aa electric storage devices (I’m utilizing a Class 10 Sd card, so yourselves isn’t that). Not certain in the harvest that you might be content at all costs this Polaroid up-to-date the delight that you are attempting to catch quick moving children crescent pets; in the event that them can get the interests in contemplation of keep still for a couple of seconds, its fine.
* Build-quality: It’s plastic,…