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150726 J-Hope’s Tweet

문득 춤 생각이나서 영상들을 찾아보다가 옛날 광주에서 춤이란게 뭔지를 알려준 형님들 영상을 찾았다 옛날에도 멋졌는데 시간이 지나도 멋지다
아 한국가면 다시 스트릿 춤을 공부를 해봐야겠다
피 끓는 영상이다

I suddenly thought of dancing so I looked up videos, while I was browsing I found a video of my hyung-nims in back in Gwangju that showed me what dance was. They were cool back then but as time passed they are still cool now.
Ah, when I go back to korea I should study street dance again
It’s a video that makes my blood boil

Trans cr; Ria & Mary @ bts-trans