hi I’m Zhaida
I’m 15 and I live in Wisconsin(it sucks) I wanna travel to Europe and AUS before I die. I over analyze everything, honestly.
I love music but can’t sing, I love acting, my favorite thing to do is probably watch Netflix and find the mistakes in the show/movie😹

Tumblr- ZhaidaElizabeth.tumblr.com
Insta- Swweet_Dispositionn
Snapchat- Zhaida5

pharbro asked:

my fave thing abt ur blog is mayb the theme it is cute but also noya icon, we have similar anime taste i love it also ur art is also beauty...

o fuc i love u pumpkin chair… IVE BEEN MEANING TO TELL U HOW MUCH I LOVE UR ICON ACTUALLy…. strange juice x pumpkin chair am i right!! am i ri

this is so swweet aaa im so happy… AND that u like my art means so much to me i struggle w/ it a lot so knowing u rly enjoy it warms me heart 

anonymous asked:

M!A: Here, have five anti-anon cookies. Each is good for dispelling the effects of one unwanted Magic Anon and can only be consumed or destroyed willingly be the recipient.

Cookies? Wwell, I ain’t normally one for swweets, but thank you.

Bein human ain’t so bad, it’s mostly just inconvwenient–I’ll just savwe these somewwhere.

anonymous asked:

and youre incredibly hot too but i just dont think that thats the most important thing about you (but you still are hot) (like seriously really hot)

omg u got me smiling over these swweet ass messages 😍🙊🙊