My New Human!!!

My name is Kipitin Armolia Ritin Mansi Zibop, but my nickname on the Tumblr is Karmz. I’m hosting a question and answer session. 

Anonymous asked: What is your human’s intelligence classification?

Answer: Class B intelligence!



silly-little-humans-reblogs asked: What age classification is your human?

Answer: I think the correct term is…teenager? No? What? …A kid. Ok. Everybody say hi to my human! Look at the camera. Look at the camera. Come here. Say hi!

ansibeep-answers asked: what does your human like to eat? what is it’ s name? 

Answer: I use a human delivery service called “Jungle”. It used to be called amazon. I order 4 bagels, 2 pizza pies, and 20 apples per month, along with a kilogram of human feed! Her name is Karzie. 

Anonymous asked: can your human speak?

Answer: Oh, absolutely! She corrected me on her age in the first question. 

telepip-kid asked: What is Karzie like? Where did you get her?

Answer: I got her from an earth overpopulation space home on Etzie-5. It’s the only time I’ve been off-planet. Karzie is very smart! She has been helping me read Eeenglish. She likes to read a lot, sometimes I won’t find her for an hour. She also likes the new fabric utopia playhouse I bought her. She’s so small, she has lots of places to hide. It’s painted like earth. 

swerpberp asked: you said you got Karzie from another planet, but was she born on Etzie-5, Earth, or somewhere else?

Answer: She was on earth for five years until she was flown to Etzie-5. She was on the space home for two years, and I’ve had her for the six months afterward!

deledeledeledele-wh000p asked: Hello! Human here! Has Karzie made any friends, and is she more of a Pet classification or Activity classification? 

Answer: She likes being treated like a pet, but is a fully-functional activity human. She’s just lazy. I still love Karzie, no matter how silly she is. 

veterinarian-why asked: what media has she been exposed to?

Answer: Oh, Karzie adores Star Trek. She likes the Mary (Killer) Winstead book series. I heard the author just…Karzie, could you leave the room? Leave the room…Fine…Ugh! Ok. I heard the author just died. Ok. Karzie, come back! It’s ok!

dipidipidip asked: does Karzie have GalacticChat?

Answer: Oh, no! It’s been linked to several murders on multiple planets. 

luark-sipt-gript asked: What does Karzie hate?

Answer: she hates big crowds. I took her to a human get-together and she ran away in fear. Couldn’t find her for a hour and 28 minutes!

dup-nup-swup-kup asked: Does Karzie bite?

Answer: No, she’s passive. Barely has teeth anymore. I found them around the house with blood, its disgusting. 

Anonymous asked: What is Karzie doing right now?

Answer: She’s walking around. I’m going to ring her bell. Karzie!

telepip-kid asked: Can we talk to Karzie?

Answer: Yeah! She’s right here. 

Karzie Answers

Anonymous asked: Hello Karzie!

Answer: Hello !!!

telepip-kid asked: What do you like most about Karmz? Do you prefer living on Earth, Etzie-5 or Radik?

Answer: Etzie-5 was boring. I have lots of memories of earth, but I think I prefer Radik. I have Karmz. I like Karmz’ patience. I do a lot of things to annoy her but she loves me. 

silly-little-humans-reblogs asked: What do you remember most about earth?

Answer: I remember being hungry. A year after i lived on Etzie-5 the earth regulations about overpopulation were enforced. 

Well, that concludes our weekly question-and-answer! “Tune in” next week at 3!