vidyagame doodles: Traditional Edition featuring my Imperial Agent, a man who will DEFINITELY not be murdered by his allies because the stress is gonna kill him first.

  • i LOVE the pc voice actor. what a fantastic deadpan.
  • did not expect to get along with Kaliyo as well as I did. she a garbage-fire, but she’s OUR garbage-fire.
  • the game struck a balance by giving me fewer unavoidable Flirt Options but also assuming i took ALL OF THEM ANYWAY
  • Hunter was just the fucking worst but what a fun antagonist.
  • gonna file darths Jadus and Zhorrid in with Tarro Blood as ‘PEOPLE I REALLY THOUGHT WOULD BE A BIGGER DEAL’
  • also did not expect to rocket up to BFF status with Scorpio but i just love listening to her voice so that’s cool

anyway great campaign, very intense, spent a large amount of time lying on the floor, probably have permanent brain damage. NOT NECESSARILY helpful for my inherent assumption that every friendly NPC is gonna sell me out at the earliest opportunity. Stayed up way too late several nights in a row.

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I did a sketch request thing one evening when I was bored, and @crysdrawsthings was the only person around, and asked for one of the Zakuul old gods.

Because the only one I know is the damn winged snake (Zildrog?), that’s what you get.

Winged snakes are like my favorite mythological beast since I was a teenager, so I loved doing this. Might do a sketch request again at a more reasonable hour, when people are actually awake and paying attention.


[image: a four panel quickly drawn comic. the characters are mako (human cyborg), xareesh (a kaleesh bounty hunter wearing a bone mask), and darth lachris (a human sith). lachris is force choking someone off screen, and says “fine, I guess I won’t kill this guy.” Xareesh says “Good.” then she takes off her mask. Lachris asks. “Hunter, why did you just take off your helmet?” Xareesh says “in case you wanna make out later. wink” and then winks. end image]

i drew this when i was supposed to be doing homework

seriously, game, stop making me remove my helmet when im talking to any characters who have flirt options! I like xareesh’s helmet! its the only way to distinguish her from a zabrak. If I want their face visible, i’ll just hit “hide helmet”! (or wear those headbands if im on free play)