-I take you’re the one they call “Torch”

-Shae Vizla. That little nickname, the locals came up with. Hell if I know why…
It’s been awhile since I’ve done any highly details portraits and more people should be drawing Shae Vizla cus she’s awesome. She also seems have mastered the ancient mandalorian art of overcoming helmet hair.
Everything done in SAI screen shot used as reference.

I finally hammered out how I want Ny’e’s face to look. aka FABULOUS. He’s a bit older here than he is in canon, and has gotten facial tattoos. 

This guy doesn’t have time for you, your problems, or anything like that. Friends are a weakness, romance is for people who want to be defeated. He lets passion, hate, and fear rule his life, and I’ll be honest he’s a better Sith than his cousin - and he’s not even force sensitive…

redone some details on my old pic, yet here’s same description

my swtor character from The Red Eclipse, zabrak sith marauder in Revan’s armor c:
His name is Anothi, hi’s my first char, first 50, first 55 and favourite toon <3 he’s not wearing that gear anymore, but i kinda like it

SWTOR/Character generator©Bioware/Lucas Arts

I’ve been so busy as of late that what little time I have for art, that’s not being devoted to my comic, has been going to commission work.  So for my birthday I set some time aside to do something fun.  Everything done in SAI used a screen shot as reference.

If Kaliyo is giving you that look it’s time to start running. Scratch that, it’s probably already too late.