hey im opening 6 more commission slots!  i was encouraged by a lot of people to raise my prices since last time.  we still need food and a lot of house supplies for our new place.

no porn or fetish stuff, everything else is fine with me.

message me here on tumblr if you’re interested in a spot and i’ll give my email and paypal to the first 6 people.  my slots go really really fast! a lot of people messaged me after slots were already full, so if i didn’t answer your message before it’s because 6 other people got to me first.  i really wish i could say yes to everyone but i get really stressed if i take too many at a time.

1. galacticmenace

2. rinjirenee

3. blangyouredead

4. akaavi

5. lukeskywalkers

6. mudzpuds


Just let me handle it, alright, snowflake?”


Absolutely stunning commission of my Zabrak and my partner’s Chiss, Madrego and Troz'oru'oruugo. Done by the incomparable @dancinfox. Truly, Julia couldn’t have been more perfect and this was beyond worth the wait.

Please do not remove artist credit or tag as your own OC.

Commissions- OPEN

So I’ve decided to start doing commissions again :> Nothing too intricate just yet, trying to get back into the swing of things! I used to do commissions awhile back, but sorta lost confidence in my work. 

Will not draw:


-Furries //I’m sorry! I can’t draw anthro D://


I am working full time, but I will try to get commissions done in a timely manner ^-^

Message me if you’re interested!!