swtor not swtor

  • Forex: You know this reminds me of a search and rescue mission I commanded years ago in the mountains of Alderaan.
  • Trooper: Ahhh, here we go.
  • Forex: For five days we scoured that beast of a mountain fighting our way through blizzards, sandstorms, and three typhoons. Finally we found the men huddled in a cave, seconds from death. With no time to lose, I piled all twelve of those poor souls on my back and carried them down the mountain to safety.
  • Trooper: And how exactly is that supposed to help us find Jorgan?
  • Forex: It was supposed to inspire you. Clearly you know nothing about being a leader of men.
  • Trooper: I'm sick of you far fetched tales. Three typhoons?!
  • Forex: Well. I might have added an extra typhoon in for dramatic effect.

Smol angry Chiss VS Tol chill Cathar
*Guardians of the Galaxy Awesome Mix playing in the distance*
(Yeah I listened to it on repeat while drawing that xD suits the mood too well…)

Thank you so much @wereleel

My husband is not particularly into video games or anything but occasionally will watch me play SWTOR when he’s bored. He’ll ask some questions about the story and why I’m doing what I’m doing. He gets frustrated when I stealth around npcs to get to my objective (he thinks the point is to beat up as many things as possible - even if it adds 30 minutes of game play with almost no reward), but one thing we both greatly appreciate is romancing same gender companions. I stg the first time my jedi shadow kissed Koth, we both screamed and cheered like I had just destroyed homophobia for the galaxy.  

So, I suppose if I was particularly familiar with DA2 with a male Hawke, I’d probably have noticed it sooner…

But once Watcher X starts talking in her thoughts to a woman IA, you basically have male Hawke and female Hawke’s VAs having a conversation no one else can hear…which gets even weirder if you took the lightside option and killed Watcher X on Nar Shaddaa.