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How about a 13 kiss for any ship you want! :)

(I haven’t talked about Felix and Ursulina in ages, shame on me. ;w; )

Another day, and more holomails from the Council.  Ursulina felt her eyes fight to close, and sighed.  She had to get them done, and then she could sleep.

Felix tapped on the door frame.  “Hey, you heading to bed soon?”

“Trying to.  My message to Cordan didn’t go through.  And Syo said Tharan’s report got corrupted when it was sent.”

“Damn.  It’ll get fixed.  If nothing else, Tharan loves bragging about his projects.”  

She nodded, and then nearly nodded off.  Felix shuffled over to her and kissed the back of her neck.  She shuddered and smiled.  “Felix…”

“Urs, you have bags under your eyes.  You need to sleep.”


“I’ll be waiting for you,” he teased. 

“Alright, Lieutenant, you won me over.”

Monday Cartel Market Changes

I won’t list them all but here are some highlights that may interest you.

The Overlord’s Command Throne and Ambassador’s Meditation Hover Chair are on direct sale right now for 2,240 (30% off from normal price of 3,200). I have both and use both regularly. 

 All of the Advanced White-Black Crystals are on sale for 1,100 (50% off from normal price of 2,200). One of my favorite crystals. I love all of the white (and the gray) crystals. 

Rename: Character Name is on sale for 700 (30% off from normal price of 1,000). These also sell well on the GTN but that may take a dip after the sale. I use these too quickly when I buy them to actually sell any. :D