sws tattoos


jonghyun’s (new and first) tattoos. tattoo #1: located above elbow on left arm, seen in the first two screencaptures. said by one fan to be a thick black line in a broad font with some sort of text on it; said by another fan to posisbly read “inspiration”. tattoo #2: located below armpit on right arm. said by one fan to possibly be a line or three or four rectangular patterns while a second fan thought that it was either another line of writing or that they saw text with it. there are currently no high quality or close up pictures of the tattoos. the closest thing that we have to a high quality look for now are the screencaptures above that come from this fancam. there is also no confirmation as to whether or not what the fan above thought the left arm tattoo said is, in fact, what it actually does. it’s just speculation at this point. click on the photos to get a “better” look.

shinee world 2017 (tokyo, day ii) ♡ 170429
translation: fantaemsie

no photos or videos yet but, according to numerous fan accounts from j-shawols today (branched out from speculative ones from yesterday), jonghyun has (at least) two tattoos. information is currently blurry, but this is what has been picked up on from fan accounts:

around three centimeters above left elbow, perhaps something that has text to it? a thick one line in a broad font. if you lift the right arm you can see, below the armpit, by about five centimeters, a kind of rectangle pattern? around three or four of them.

below are screencaptures of the areas where he apparently got the tattoos (which k-shawols picked up on / became suspicious of days ago):


Life was hard for young Maul. Any show of hesitation or a mistake was severely punished, and any hint of mercy rewarded with cruelty.