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Um I saw the mother porg toy thing

And I noticed something


Wtf is that and why are you selling it to children!!

What the fuck kind-of nightmare creature is a baby porg!! This goes against all my headcanons.

Credit goes to @sleemo for the photo

Behold the might of the Empire!

All of my imperials so far… I snuffle around for cheap deals, so many of these are second hand toys that found their forever home on my desk.

I love this photo because everyone is doing their thing + are apparently annoyed at both their comrades and the galaxy in general. (And don’t think we can’t see you lurking back there, Emperor Palpatine.)

mochibuni replied on this post:

Only one person can be the #1 dad and it’s passed down through the Skywalker generations.


From this post by @mochibuni.

DARTH VADER’S MASK, PUT OVER THE TOP OF THE DEATH STAR, WITH #1 DAD IN THE GALAXY WRITTEN OVER IT, this is the greatest piece of SW merchandise I have ever seen.

I’m sure Anakin had it passed down from the Skywalker generations, too.

Now I’m just imagining teenager!Anakin floating a #1 dad pin in, like, the middle of the room, just holding it there with the Force on Space Father’s Day.  HAPPY SPACE FATHER’S DAY, DAD, he says very loudly and pointedly, still mad because Obi-Wan wouldn’t agree to be his space dad.


Lekku Leggings.

Ok Ya’ll, I want to make this happen, if only for myself.

But these look like they’re turning out really well, so if anyone wants in on this sweet deal, reblog this post and tag with what size you would likely need, where you would need shipping to and a guesstimate on how much you would be willing to spend. If enough people are suffering without them, I will look into bulk purchase.

These are not the final designs or the chosen legging styles & fabrics, although I do like the Hera pattern on the Capris.

If you have suggestions, requirements or changes you would like to see, please feel free to let me know!

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