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Behold the might of the Empire!

All of my imperials so far… I snuffle around for cheap deals, so many of these are second hand toys that found their forever home on my desk.

I love this photo because everyone is doing their thing + are apparently annoyed at both their comrades and the galaxy in general. (And don’t think we can’t see you lurking back there, Emperor Palpatine.)

I went to the half price books fair today and picked up every single star wars book I could find, which wasn’t much, BUT I LOVE THEM ALL 😍😍😍


Lekku Leggings.

Ok Ya’ll, I want to make this happen, if only for myself.

But these look like they’re turning out really well, so if anyone wants in on this sweet deal, reblog this post and tag with what size you would likely need, where you would need shipping to and a guesstimate on how much you would be willing to spend. If enough people are suffering without them, I will look into bulk purchase.

These are not the final designs or the chosen legging styles & fabrics, although I do like the Hera pattern on the Capris.

If you have suggestions, requirements or changes you would like to see, please feel free to let me know!

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Don’t let your dreams be dreams!


I had lots of people ask me for this, so I present shots of the personality quiz from the Star Wars Annual (available in all good release date non-compliant supermarkets near you in good ol’ Blighty!) Some quick thoughts:

- This is fun and cute, and I find it interesting that the three options are Rey, Finn and Kylo (rather than Rey, Finn and Poe, as you might expect).

- I’m not all that impressed by the tone of Finn’s answers, to tell you the truth. They kind of stress the comedic aspects of the character over his strengths, and in parts they make him seem straight-up ignorant. They could have done more to have his answers stress his courage, for example.

- “I don’t know why, but there’s something about lightsabers that makes me uneasy” is a very, very intriguing line, and recalls some of the early MSW rumours about Rey being nervous around the lightsaber.

- LOL at Kylo’s answers.”The ability to get what I want, when I want” indeed.

so my cousin aka @marischaton went to a store that had sw merchandise but it all was of kylo ren so i started listing gross and bizarre products that would still be better than kylie merchadinse

latest one involves leia’s space buns but instead of going in ur head they go in ur boobs

I just found out today that Disney’s tsum tsums (the SW prequels ones I have at least) are made in Vietnam :D Isn’t that great? That makes me feel a little less guilty about spending my wages to buy toys and all ahaha. 

Still, it’s pretty amazing and hilarious when I think about Disney tsum tsums and some of Funko Pop models. Like, they are manufactured in Vietnam, but then they have to be shipped abroad to various official shops so that we fans in Vietnam can order them back. I know that Star Wars is not big in Asia and an easier way to purchase SW merchandises is just wistful thinking, but still… one cannot help but holding out hope. 


Following the post by @ms-qualia bringing this rather fascinating video to our attention, I present a quick breakdown of the lines spoken by doll!Kylo and explain where they most likely feature in the film. The lines in bold did not make the final cut, meaning they are from alternate takes/deleted scenes.

“I’ve been waiting for this day for a long time.”

This is a different take of Kylo’s first words to Han.

“Is is true? You’re just a scavenger?”

This line, which does not feature in the film, is included in the novelisation as:

“Is it true, then? You’re nothing special after all? You’re just a—Jakku scavenger?”

From that, we can confidently place this line in the scene where Rey is frozen in the forest on Takodana. This line confirms that the corresponding passage in the novelisation - which extends the scene where Rey is frozen - was filmed and later cut (this is also indicated by the abrupt and jarringly brief cut-away to stormtroopers calling for back-up).

“Don’t be afraid. I feel it too.”

This is a different take of the same line from the interrogation. The recording on the doll sounds even more raw and intimate than the line reading in the film, which is quite the feat.

“You know what I’ve come for.”

This is a different take of Kylo’s words to Lor San Tekka in the first scene on Jakku.

“Don’t fight it. You know you can’t.”

I can’t find a line corresponding to this in the novelisation, but expect this dialogue is from the interrogation when Rey is trying to resist the mind probe. While the first part is forceful and emphatic, there’s a very strange note of sadness/resignation in the second part that seems to indicate a kind of underlying sympathy (which makes sense given the more general context of the scene).

“I’m immune to the light.”

This is presumably Kylo attempting to reassure Snoke that his commitment to the Dark side is secure. There is no line corresponding to this in the novelisation (from what I can tell).

“That weapon is mine.”

I can only think that this is an alternate line to “That lightsaber. It belongs to me!” Therefore, I expect it is from an alternate take of the scene where Kylo and Finn face off in the forest.

“Together we will destroy the Resistance and the last Jedi.”

This can only realistically be Kylo speaking with Snoke. Logically, it would only really fit in their first scene together, which is where Kylo probably also said “I’m immune to the light”.

  • young boy: do you have the action figure of luke skywalker wearing all black from when he fought darth vader?
  • boyfriend: let me see *checks database* maybe. let me call the kids section. *does so and kids people look for action figure*
  • young boy: *talks about star wars for ten minutes* *probably knows more about it than george lucas himself* *talks about his huge case of star wars action figures at home*
  • boyfriend: i'm sorry, but we couldn't find it
  • young boy: oh, ok
  • child's dad: do you wanna go back and get one of the other ones? they had finn and kylo ren. you don't have those yet.
  • young boy: no that's ok
  • *they start to leave* *boy is sad because he really wanted luke*
  • young boy: i wish they had a rey action figure

Stormtrooper SO-121 Goes to the Mountains

I took my loyal stormtrooper Esso with me to Slovenia’s beautiful Bohinj. (It’s become an embarrassing custom of mine to take photos of this little figure whenever I go somewhere new.)

He was very brave and won through his fear of heights and cold: he’s now ready for any snow missions!