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It was amazing to me sleeping with sirens for the second time last February they mean a lot to me! I First discovered sleeping with sirens three years ago after my mom passed away they have helped me through everything! I have their lyrics tattooed sometimes you gotta fall before you fly it was amazing to show them that when I met them! Words cannot describe how much their music means to me! They have helped me through depression, heartache and so much more! I love them so much!! Me (next to kellin) and my friend Meagan (next to jack) got to meet them on the world tour it was amazing the show was awesome!!

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- Fall Out Boy

- My Chemical Romance

- Green Day

- Panic! At The Disco

- The Downtown Fiction

- Sleeping With Sirens

- Blink 182

- Fanfic/Imagines/Members of any of the above

- Books in general

- Astrology

- Astronomy

Just think about this...

Pierce the Veil have released the first new music since MCR’s breakup. Beyond that, when you look at the past few years since that tragic event, not much has been happening in the sphere of emo. After 2012, not much new music was released, there weren’t many new and exciting bands emerging into the scene. Those three years were like a Great Emo Depression. 

But then we get to the past few months and we get the explosion of twenty øne piløt’s Blurryface era, a new fall out boy record, new panic! single,MCR’s members re-entering the music scene with individual projects (that still sound considerably emo), the Paramore self titled re-release and promises of new material, all time low’s pop-punk revival with future hearts, pierce the veil’s first single released in 3 years, bring me the horizon selling out wembley, releasing a single and promising new music, game-changing new albums from bands such as sleeping with sirens and black veil brides,  big tour announcements, album proposals… Everything that slowed down for the Great Emo Depression has turned around and happened with such force that our subgenre is much more dynamic than it has been. We have survived the hard times and it is through the dedication of the core fanbase, our bands have responded and rebounded with new and exciting material. We are witnessing the revival of a genre, something that will be talked about for years to some. 

2015 is the Emo Reconnaissance. A decade on from 2005, we’ve revitalised a genre. For a bunch of internet dwelling, largely nocturnal music dorks, that’s a pretty big achievement. 

Listening to music with headphones is like having your own lil mini concert in your head. With headphones, the music sounds so clear and you even hear little background instruments that you never heard before in the song and it makes the song even better to you than it was before and idk man, headphones just makes the music sound so much better, like, if you close your eyes you can imagine the band itself playing the song for you.
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