I don’t remember if I was tagged in that one thing, but
I feel like spouting a few facts about these boys anyway:

A L E X:

  1. He learns music best by listening, making him primarily an auditory learner
  2. When under a lot of stress, he can suffer from nosebleeds
  3. He has a low to moderate alcohol tolerance
  4. Suffers from a mild form of EPILEPS/Y known as absence seizures, while it did occur regularly as a child, it’s faded into infrequent episodes that happen every so often and no longer takes medication for it
  5. His hair will begin to shift into a blue shade starting around the age of 26, becoming fully blue within a few years
  6. His celebrity crushes are: Lady Ga Ga, Emma Bunt.on (aka Baby Spice), Chris Hem.sworth and David Bowi.e (even though he recently passed)
  7. His favorite personal instrument is his Roland AX-Synth shoulder synthesizer 
  8. He keeps a pocket Stylophone with him at all times

D A M I E N:

  1. Like Alex, he is also an auditory learner, but shows traits of a visual learner as well
  2. He has bouts of anger from time to time, due to his lackluster coping mechanisms for stress
  3. Unlike Alex, he has the higher alcohol tolerance
  4. He only suffers from SAD (seasonal affective disorder), specifically winter-onset SAD. 
  5. While it’s unknown if he ever will go “green”, his skin tone does shift slightly as he ages. 
  6. His celebrity crushes are: Cassandra Pet.erson, Vincent Pr.ice, and Cameron Di.az
  7. When asked about his favorite personal instrument, he can’t decide between his black Dean ML METALMAN or his black/white 1982 Gibson Flying V
  8. He only has a bass pick for fidgeting with; when it comes to playing, his style is slap/popping.