I wrote a poem, and it’s called The Greatest Warrior

you stand

 you fight 

you fight monsters, 

monsters so tremendous, 

so massive 

most people can’t even imagine such things

you fight from the earliest moment possible 

you are geared up 

your gear

 an epic sword which is tiny compared to these monsters 


a sword which requires awesome talent to wield 

a talent you posess

and lest not forget your armour,

armour which is always stronger than you expect 

you’ve been improving your armour for years and shit if that isn’t sturdy 

Then you charge into battle with nothing but a sword

tearing down monsters left and right they get shredded like paper people 

their hits bouncing off your powerful armour

as the battle drags on the monsters have been getting bigger and stronger

They start to land some real blows so you start to play it as agile as possible

but as the sun goes down your sword is hardly able to do anything 

no matter

you fight on 

through the exhaustion 

through the tears 

their blows throw you around like an overused rugby ball 

then as casually as it started 

the battle draws to a close 

both sides tending to their wounded 

the wounds you have sustained would incapacitate most 

however you were here yesterday, 

and will be here tomorrow 

 armed and ready to face those same monsters 

unaware of how much stronger you are getting 

and yet 

you will be completely uncertain of how strong they will be tomorrow 

and that 

my love 

is bravery