Head of the Royal Guard!

Quick doodle before sleep. Although I haven’t played Undertale game myself, I found it quite popular on the Internet and thus absolutely fell in love with this fish stick. Yes, I know she uses a spear and yes, I know high heels aren’t her style BUT do you remember this little quote saying “flowery swordswomen”? That sealed the deal for me.

Undertale - Undyne

In A Different Life… Padmé Amidala is a Sith
Atelier Versace, Couture Fall 2017

In a galaxy far, far away but in a different life… Padmé is a latent force adept and Palpatine is first person who realizes it when he meets the then Princess of Theed for the first time. He starts to wonder of perhaps a secondary apprentice, one who not only understands but appreciates the subtle arts of politics. Years later while she she skilled swordswomen, Padmé real lies in the way of the Force and to use it carefully manipulate everyone around her even her master.