milestone, after milestone my blogs have grown and shrunk in popularity. all trivial things, really, when you think about your follower count ( that ever vexing and ever waning number ). because what really matters is not the number but the people that you interact with, the people that you grow with. i’ve come from really popular blogs, exceedingly so beyond my wildest imaginations. i have had follows in droves and drafts a plenty. but i have never, ever felt more welcomed and more loved on this blog and by such a diverse group of people who are all fantastic and lovely.

kidd is barely touching 200 followers and i follow almost every single of one you – it’s been a blessing, really, it has. to surround myself with such amazing writers, people, and to belong to such a sweet and gorgeous group ( shout out guardianforces, hella ). so this is merely a list of biases, a list of people who are phenomenal and have made my stay over here better than any other time i’ve had on any blog. if you aren’t on here, don’t fret, don’t think badly of yourself or me – i’m just listing off the top of my skull all the cuties i can muster.

so to friends old, who have followed me across all my blogs ( what a journey, right? i have a new muse each week: annie, lenneth, haruka, etc. ) and friends new, who have just begun to know me – man, time travel is exhausting, ain’t it?

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