Hello (: I’d like to take the time to introduce myself in this first post. So…(bare with me I’m not good with intros) Stormer is what I’d prefer to be called and I am a writer/illustrator. If you noticed the funny title (The Legend of Elgranon) that is the name of a novel I am currently writing and hoping to publish in the future. If you are interested at seeing what it is about, check out my website: swordstormer.weebly.com

Thanks! (:


If anyone did happen to check out my website (which is quite unlikely lol) much of it is older information that I had originally created. I haven’t had a lot of time to change it but I hope to fix most of it in the next couple of days so please bare with me. If anyone has any questions, you may ask any here on my tumblr account, deviantart account (same as my tumblr) and my blog on my website.