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@zsaszmatazz tagged me to do the “six movies I can watch any time” meme (LIKE 10 YEARS AGO I’M SORRY) so here goes!

1. Road to El Dorado

Don’t tell me you can’t also watch this whenever. It’s lolzy, it’s feelsy, and it’s the source of one of my three OT3s. If Miguel/Tulio wasn’t allowed to be canon, I’m making Miguel/Chel/Tulio my headcanon dammit. Fight me.

The story is a fantastic adventure every time. The music is amazing, the animation is GORGEOUS. The jokes are funny no matter how many times I hear them. “Stars.” “Holy ship.” “Apparently ‘El Dorado’ is native for GREAT… BIG… ROCK.” 

And don’t get me started on the armadillo. Is that thing a spirit guide? A god? Probably. I’m for it.

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2. Chicken Run

I consider this one a guilty pleasure. Again, always a funny, fun adventure. Just serious enough to balance out the lolz. And Ginger is one hell of a snarky character. I love that she’s simultaneously mom friend and rebel friend.

Also, it’s that claymation Wallace and Gromit animation, which is just… nifty! I always find myself watching certain characters move, checking out different textures, especially with Babs and her knitting. Just… excellent.

Also, also this:

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3. Stardust

What can I say about this movie? Well…

I was based on a book written by my favorite author, Neil Gaiman, is a fantastic adventure that addresses the line between magic and non-magic worlds and includes such fun things as evil witches, falling in love, warring princes, falling stars, unicorns, ghosts, and sky pirates in drag (which Neil said he’s pretty sure he didn’t write, but it’s such a good scene you guys).

I am always happy by the end of it. The growing-up story is so good. And Tristan kind of bumbles through it like I totally believe I would were I thrown into a story like that. It’s just… such a satisfyingly complete and fun story, and I love it every single time.

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4. Megamind

Shut the hell your mouth this is the best villain-to-hero story I know. I am always so proud of Megamind. Like, real talk, how often does our favorite adorable villain get the girl? How often do we get to see the bumbling bad guy actually get a cool-ass happy ending? And the emotional journey he goes on gets just serious enough without killing the funny vibe the whole movie carries.

The writing is tropey, but in a way that totally plays on those tropes while making fun of them. Trope-ception is my favorite trope. And I love, love, LOVE the design choices. This movie is so colorful, and the proportions are so over the top. It’s just a visual salad. 

And, as always, the jokes are good no matter what. I don’t think I’ll ever get over, “And I love you, random citizen!” This movie is such a fun time, please go watch it.

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5. Strange Magic

Have you heard of this movie? Well, now you have. Please go watch it. 

Much like Megamind, Strange Magic got pushed to the back burner by more popular movies coming out at the same time. And that’s just a shame, because it’s just so good.

It’s a jukebox musical with reenactments of all sorts of songs, all of which are brilliant (half the time because Evan Rachel Wood My Queen is singing them, but also Alan Cumming, and sometimes they sing together and I die). The story is predictable, but the characters are what make it for me. They’re fun enough that even though I saw the end coming a mile away, it was nothing but enjoyable watching them get there.

This fandom is also dear to my heart. It’s full of some of the sweetest people with some of the most interesting fan fiction that I’ve ever read. When I think good writing, I think @abutterflyobsession who has made me cry on more than one occasion, and @jaegereska whose lore and OCs add so much to the world beyond the movie. 

Major draws: good music, lovely animation, self-confidence story, princess with a sword, SWEET SWEET VENGEANCE, and did I mention singing by Evan Rachel Wood, Alan Cumming, and Kristin Chenoweth? Bruh.

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6. Labyrinth

My favorite movie for now and always. Set it at the bottom for full effect. Get ready.

First off, music by David Bowie that is fuckin’ catchy as heck. If you don’t want to at least tap your foot along to ‘Dance Magic Dance’ you’re lying. ‘As the World Falls Down’ was the first song I remember wanting to know the lyrics to. 

Side note: If you didn’t think the Fireys were creepy as fuck, you’re also lying.

There has never been so much glitter in one place ever. The visual gags are always funny. Like, there are Bowie faces I still can’t find to this day hidden in the scenery??? The muppets are all adorable because Brian Froud is amazing, and I want a pet goblin. Everything is just so much fun to look at. Don’t even get me started on the ridiculous fantasy fulfillment that is the ballroom scene. I just. 

The jokes are always funny because they run on a dry sense of humor like mine. “Well, come on feet.” One I missed for years. “No, that’s the dead end, behind you!” Ha, hubris. “It’s a piece of cake!” Shut up, Sarah…

But you also can’t not love the characters? Like, come on, who doesn’t wanna hug Ludo just a little. And Didymus, the fox knight that rides a fuckin’ tiny dog into battle?? And Hoggle who collects jewelry and pretends to be bitter as hell but cares so much??? Heck off, they’re all awesome.

Fave movie. Always. 

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Honorable Mention: Big Fish

Added this one because I can watch this any time, but it always makes me cry, so I usually save it for when I need a good cry. (Srsly, @may10baby can vouch, I once tried to explain the end to her and started sobbing in the car).

It’s just such a cool story. We get to see the life of the father as told through his own hyperbolic stories, which include a star-studded cast playing funny scenes in between serious family time. And the end… christ, it’s just such a satisfying ending. Such a good play on storytelling and what it can mean to people. Which, as a writer, means a lot to me.

Also, it’s the only Tim Burton movie I’ve seen that doesn’t look like… that. You know. How Burton movies look. Helena Bonham Carter plays like 3 different people, and none of them are Mrs. Lovett. That’s a feat, honestly.

I’ve said this about a few of these, but please watch this movie.

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Ummm I guess I’m gonna send this along to the people I already tagged, @abutterflyobsession @jaegereska @may10baby and also @fandomizedwonderland @thetrendywitch @pkmndaisuki for shits and giggles.

“ Ohatsu cleaning her sword with the zôri” (1881), Tsukioka Yoshitoshi  (1839-1892)

Ohatsu is the heroine of the 1782 kabuki play “Kagamiyama Kokyô no Nishikie”. She serves Onoe, a lady-in-waiting in a samurai household. Onoe being from a merchant family, she is mocked and harassed by the senior lady-in-waiting Iwafuji. Iwafuji finally humiliates Onoe by replacing a precious buddhist relic in Onoe’s care with a zôri sandal and upon “discovering” that said relic has been lost, beats Onoe in public with the sandal. This is too much for Onoe who commits suicide. Decided to seek revenge for her mistress, Ohatsu meets Iwafuji in the house’s gardens. There, she strikes Iwafuji with the sandal. The two fight and Ohatsu kills Iwafuji. At the end, Ohatsu is rewarded by her lord for her loyalty to her mistress and is given Onoe’s name and rank.

Ohatsu’s story is actually based on a real fact : in 1723 Yamaji, a servant in a Edo military household, indeed killed the woman responsible for the suicide of her mistress.  

Opinion | Sally Yates: Protect the Justice Department From President Trump
What’s happening is beyond abnormal. It’s dangerous.
By Sally Q. Yates

The spectacle of President Trump’s efforts to humiliate the attorney general into resigning has transfixed the country. But while we are busy staring at the wreckage of Attorney General Jeff Sessions’ relationship with the man he supported for the presidency, there is something more insidious happening.

The president is attempting to dismantle the rule of law, destroy the time-honored independence of the Justice Department, and undermine the career men and women who are devoted to seeking justice day in and day out, regardless of which political party is in power.

If we are not careful, when we wake up from the Trump presidency, our justice system may be broken beyond recognition.

Over the past few days, many people from both parties have rightly expressed their dismay at how President Trump has publicly lambasted the attorney general, noting the president’s lack of loyalty to a man who has been consistently loyal to him.

And while this is indeed true, it misses the larger and more dangerous consequences of the president’s actions.

President Trump claims that it is very “unfair” that Mr. Sessions recused himself from the Russia investigation, a recusal indisputably necessary given Mr. Sessions’ role in the campaign that is now under investigation. At its core, the president’s complaint is that he doesn’t have a political ally at the Justice Department to protect him from the Russia investigation. And he is apparently trying to bully Mr. Sessions into resigning so that he can put someone in place who will.

The president hasn’t stopped there. He has also tried to goad Mr. Sessions into re-initiating a closed investigation of the president’s former political rival. And all of this takes place in the wake of the president’s attempts to persuade the former F.B.I. director James Comey to back off the Michael Flynn investigation, and then firing Mr. Comey when he didn’t.

President Trump’s actions appear aimed at destroying the fundamental independence of the Justice Department. All the while, he’s ripping the blindfold off Lady Justice and attempting to turn the department into a sword to seek vengeance against his perceived enemies and a shield to protect himself and his allies.

It’s almost impossible to take all of this in. And while we risk becoming numb to the daily barrage of alarming news, we can’t lose sight of the fact that this is beyond abnormal. It’s dangerous.

The Justice Department is not just another federal agency. It is charged with fulfilling our country’s promise of equal and impartial justice for all. As an agency with the authority to deprive citizens of their liberty, its investigations and prosecutions must be conducted free from any political interference or influence, and decisions must be made based solely on the facts and the law.

To fulfill this weighty responsibility, past administrations, both Democratic and Republican, have jealously guarded a strict separation between the Justice Department and the White House when it comes to investigations and prosecutions. While there may be interaction on broad policies, any White House involvement in cases or investigations, including whom or what to investigate, has been flatly forbidden.

This independence is essential for the career men and women to be able to do their jobs. I served in the Justice Department for over 27 years, the vast majority as a career prosecutor in both Democratic and Republican administrations. I know from firsthand experience how seriously the career prosecutors and agents take their responsibility to make fair and impartial decisions based solely on the facts and the law and nothing else.

And the outcome of that analysis does not vary based on who occupies the White House. While some in the public may disagree with particular decisions, the Justice Department prosecutors and agents must have the independence to call it like they see it.

The strict separation between the Justice Department and the White House applies to even the most mundane of criminal investigations, and nowhere does it matter more than when the investigation reaches into the White House itself. In short, no one at the White House should have anything to do with any decisions about whom or what to investigate or prosecute. Period.

We must do more than rubberneck as we drive past this car crash. We all have a responsibility to protect our Justice Department’s ability to do its job free from interference. The very foundation of our justice system — the rule of law — depends on it.

Sally Q. Yates was a deputy attorney general in the Obama administration.

“Kiyoshi Hikariin” (1876), Toyohara Kunichika (1835-1900)

Print from the series “Thirty-six Good and Evil Beauties”

The princess Kiyoshi Hikariin draws her sword in order to avenge herself. The folding screen behind her is decorated with the mon (crest) of the powerful Tokugawa family, who ruled the shogunate during the Edo period.

Films watched in May 2017
  • The Insect Woman | Shôhei Imamura | 1963
  • Sapphire & Steel | Assignment One | Shaun O'Riordan | 1979
  • Intentions of Murder | Shôhei Imamura | 1964
  • Snow-White (Short) | Roland Crandall / Dave Fleischer | 1933
  • Red Hot Riding Hood (Short) | Tex Avery | 1943
  • Harpya (Short) | Raoul Servais | 1979
  • The Virgin Suicides | Sofia Coppola | 1999
  • Love & Friendship | Whit Stillman | 2016
  • The Ghoul | T. Hayes Hunter | 1933
  • Lone Wolf and Cub: Sword of Vengeance | Kenji Misumi | 1972
  • Phenomena | Dario Argento | 1985
  • Gasman (Short) | Lynne Ramsay | 1998
  • The Pornographers | Shôhei Imamura | 1966
  • Piccadilly | Ewald André Dupont | 1929
  • Fever (Short) | Carine Adler | 1995
  • Under The Skin | Carine Adler | 1997
  • Scum (Original TV Version) | Alan Clarke | 1977
  • Lost Highway | David Lynch | 1997
  • Morvern Callar | Lynne Ramsay | 2002
  • All Over Me | Alex Sichel | 1997
  • Ladies and Gentlemen, the Fabulous Stains | Lou Adler | 1982
  • A Man Vanishes | Shôhei Imamura | 1967
  • Kom igen nu'rå! (Come On Then!) | Lasse Hallström | 1981
  • My Life as a Dog | Lasse Hallström | 1985
  • Dune | David Lynch | 1984
  • Le Boucher | Claude Chabrol | 1970
  • Rendez-vous | André Téchiné | 1985
  • River of Grass | Kelly Reichardt | 1994
  • Twin Peaks | Series 3, Episodes 1-4 | David Lynch | 2017
  • Nineteen Eighty-Four | Michael Radford | 1984
  • Profound Desires of the Gods | Shôhei Imamura | 1968
  • In Search of the Unreturned Soldiers in Malaysia | Shôhei Imamura | 1970
  • History of Postwar Japan as Told by a Bar Hostess | Shôhei Imamura | 1970
  • Pickpocket | Robert Bresson | 1959
  • Dog Day Afternoon | Sidney Lumet | 1975
  • Lift to the Scaffold | Louis Malle | 1958

Bold = Top Ten


It was at Hellholt where the Dornish had their greatest success against the Targaryens.

Made using the ASOIAF Fancasting Resource. Sources: Crossbones, The Crown and the Dragon, Saga: Curse of the Shadow, Sword of Vengeance, and Wrath of the Titans.

fecipher twitter, 9-12-2016: “Sublime Mercenary, Raven” and “Sword of Love and Vengeance, Raven”

Raymond, the heir to House Cornwell, changed his name to “Raven” and set his sights on slaying the foe who drove his parents to their graves. In his heart, there is nothing but a lust for vengeance. But when he encounters Eliwood and his allies, it is through the words of his beloved family that he realises the error of his ways. (Illust. VOCO)

vows for soilwife

we get married everyday so you can hear me say my vows to you o my god
i gave you a ring and you gave me worms
worms under my skin, warm happy worms

when you want to breathe i will exalt thee
i will not hide you, i will love you,
when you want to go out on the town, i will carry thee
i will not hide you, i will wheel you around,
when you want to love me, i will receive thee
i will not hide from you, i will trade seed for seed,
and when you must be planted in and sown, i will tend to thee
as you have tended to your worms, as you have tended to me

our house is lovely and it stinks of you,
you leave me little pots of urine every morning to flush o my lord,
the bathroom is my space, my holy space
when i shave, i shave my whole body
i strip skin off from my toes to my head

i had breath and you were still
i had friends and you were ill
you had worms and i had none
you had died and i lived on
o lord, o lord,
feed on me,
resuscitate yourself

i am your holy champion, you croon
your charcoal eyes are cracked
you wrap me in soil to keep you warm and ask me
in my cocoon

“I am the Earth, will you keep me Warm?”
i will
“I am the Dirt, will you keep me Wormed?”
i will
“I am the Filth, will you keep me Fed?”
i will
“I am the Dead, I am the Destroyed, I am Soil.
Go. I am Exalted. I Breathe again.”

we dated,
i took you out to the only place that would have us
i ate, while you watched
i asked, o lord of land, what burnt your eyes?

char me, use me as fuel,
burn me like your eyes once burned,
throw me, let me not say no
so i can burn like your eyes once knew

you stripped me of my towel after my shower
newly naked and hairless
and you smiled and grabbed me and i fell for you

you told me to be quiet when i could but moan
you told me to tell you when i could but moan
you hit me for my insolence when i did what you said
and i love it,
and i love it,
o lord.
you took my breath from my lungs when i could but yearn
you took my loving from my heart when i could but yearn
you ate me for my tenderness when i did what you said
and i love you,
and i love you,
o god.

you took my breath and your worms back that night
and then you answered me
and afterwards called me prophet because i didn’t cry
and when i took a sword in your name and vengeance stained my tongue
you laughed and said it was fine, it was all fine,
we’d marry in the morning, it was fine

and when you must be planted in and sown, i will tend to thee
as you have tended to your worms, as you have tended to me

You see this woman? You see her? That’s Rieko Kodama. Bless this lady. Bless her. 

She is the creator of Phantasy Star and a little game called Skies of Arcadia. She is also called “The first lady of RPGs”. But that’s not nearly enough. Let me tell you why she is awesome.

This woman was the lead designer of several very large scale games back when console gaming was only about a decade old. She was designing games before I was even alive. Let’s not forget she’s old enough to be my mom now and she’s still producing blockbuster games like 7th Dragon in Japan!

In 1987, she created Phantasy Star. Not just the lead designer, she wrote the story and came up with the setting. A large scale RPG with a rich universe, it was revolutionary for its time and gorgeous. This game was TRULY ahead of its time. Not just graphically but as far as the setting and scale. Nobody had attempted making a setting like that in a video game. Hell, storytelling in video games was still in its infancy in 1987! Also, the protagonsit of Phantasy Star is a woman. Barely even a woman, she is a 15 year old girl. JUST ONE YEAR after Samus surprised the world with her sex, Phantasy Star had Alis Landale. Nobody cared that she was a girl, she was judged by her character, not her sex. And she was far from eye candy. Sure she had a pretty face, but her design is hardly attention-grabbing, and she wears pants and armor. Later installments in the Phantasy Star series show Alis Landale as the legendary hero of the Algol Star System. Need I mention that she is a headstrong badass? And let me say this again, THIS WAS IN 1987. At the time when people were only just starting to tell stories through video games. Dragon Quest was just starting to have its “save the princess” plot, Final Fantasy was just getting started building its world… The console RPG was still in its infancy, still having yet to be defined.

  RIGHT AT THE START OF THE GAME her brother is murdered in cold blood for trying to intercept a government conspiracy. And Alis takes his sword and swears vengeance. Just like that. 

And you know who wrote and designed this game? The one in charge of the story, dungeon, and character design?

This sweet little lady.

Let me add that the only iconic video game heroine that predates Alis Landale is Samus Aran (And uh, I guess Ms. Pacman). Before Lara Croft, before Chell, before Jade, before ALL of them, there was Alis Landale. And Alis is proof that though it has its problems even today, gaming has been blessed with wonderful heroines since the 80’s! Do we need more though? Yes, we do. And that’s why pointing out and celebrating great examples like Alis is important. But yes, in the 21st century, we need to focus on representing much more than just straight, white women like Alis.

Girls be ambitious! Become a great game designer like Rieko Kodama, Kim Swift, Robin Hunicke all of them! 

Rieko is one thing Sega has that Nintendon’t

Why is Shiva Depicted Lying Under Ma Kali’s Feet?

According to Hindu mythology, the world was threatened by the Asuras (demons) who rallied together to overthrow the gods and gain control over earth. The leader of this uprising was Raktabija, the demon-general. Through the practice of austerities, Raktabija was granted a boon. This boon, granted by Brahma, allowed Raktabija’s power to increase by a thousand every time a drop of his blood was spilled.

In desperation to get rid of the monsters, gods turned to their Shakti (female energy) counterparts. The great and beautiful goddess Durga stepped forward. She had protected them before and was happily obliged to do it again. Armed with the weapons of the gods, Durga rode into battle on a tiger, her champion mount. She switched goddess forms many time during battle, slaying demon soldiers as quickly as they advanced until all that remained was the demon-general.

The demons rode on elephants and horse drawn chariots. They laughed and shouted at the goddess’ dilemma. Upon seeing this, Durga became enraged. She knitted her brows in absolute fury. From this concentration sprang Kali, the Empowered One.

The whole universe shook with the thundering roar of this powerful terrible goddess. Kali emerged, naked except for a covering of tiger skin. Her skin was of the deepest black, and hung loosely on Her bones. This mad skeleton of a hag was armed with a skull topped staff, a noose, and the sword of Vengeance. She appeared most frightening with her blood red eyes, sunken deep into her skull, wild with raw power anxious to be unleashed and a third eye flaming brilliantly from her forehead. Her entangled black hair wavered wildly about Her shoulders.

She turned her furious gaze upon the demon armies, half fell lifeless from the deadly grip of Her stare. She let out a loud and petrifying shriek and more fell dead to the ground at Kali’s feet. With wild cackling, She advanced on Her enemies. She reached out with her claw-like hands and scraped the remaining demons into her gaping mouth.

It was time for Kali to begin her victory dance among the demon corpses. By now She was drunk from Raktabija’s blood and the effect it had on Her caused her to dance wildly. As She danced She threw Her head back and again filled the skies with her shrill cackling.

Soon the demon corpses were reduced to mush, yet Kali continued dancing. It seemed as though nothing would stop Her, and again the world was on the verge of collapse. Something had to be done,and soon. The gods begged Shiva to intervene and calm Kali before it was too late.

Shiva did not yet believe that the world would be destroyed. As Lord of the Dance, He himself was enjoying the fine display of dancing. He laughed and waved the other gods away. “Let Kali enjoy herself,"he said, "Her job was well done.”

Shiva called out to Kali, but She could not hear him, such was the fever that raced through Her. She continued pounding what was left of demon flesh into oblivion.

Finally in an act of complete desperation, Shiva threw Himself down beneath Her feet. Kali continued her frenzied dancing, pounding the life out of her husband. It was a few moments more before She realized that it was indeed Her husband, Shiva, who lay flattened at Her feet. This quickly brought Her out of Her trance, and She was once more the calm Devi.

Once more the world was saved from total destruction. Shiva’s quick and selfless thinking had balanced the Devi’s dance of destruction.


By K.Nagori

Track 1
Track 1

First track ofDARK FATE Vol.1 Chapter of the Eclipse, the first Drama CD of the Diabolik Lovers DARK FATE.


Translation: (Made byaugustoctobervixen)

Shin: Father! Father! Hold on! Please regain your consciousness, your son Shin is here, Father!

Carla: Shin…

Shin: Father!

Carla: Shin!

Shin: …! Big Brother.

Carla: Let him go..

Shin: But!

Carla: Don’t show such unsightly expression.

Shin: -sobs-

Carla: Oh Immortal one, it does me greatly how death has come for you. This is the beginning of it all, isn’t that right?

Shin: … That makes him mortal like any other? But… -sound of a thud and Shin shocks even more- Father!

Carla: Did they come for him huh…

Shin: Big Brother how can you be so collected about this! Father, open your eyes, you are not here dad, we, what should we do! Dad!

Carla: -whacks a board-

Shin: Big Brother?

Carla: I am collected? How do I even look collected?

Shin: ah…

Carla: If I were collected I did not need these kind of emotions. This is, the founders clan, has reduced to only us two tonight. Do you really think I could feel a single shred of happiness with father’s passing?

Shin: Sorry, I stepped over the line, also, I said something mean, forgive me.

Carla: You and I have different positions. I am the founder king’s, father’s, Ghisbain, own will , Shin you just need to take in father’s death and it’s pain silently. Father raised you like that allowing those emotions. That is your mission.

Shin: I understand big brother.

Carla: Are you prepared? To think that we have fallen to this point.

-weird sfx plays, like someone is levitating kind of sfx-

Carla: Well Shin, it is time to set Father off.

Shin: Farewell, Father. –sobs- Brother?

Carla: To think that he is following his own late summer.

Shin: Eh Brother, don’t tell me, he written some sort of last words?

Carla: No, that is not what I mean

Shin: I see, then it is fine.

Carla: That said, there is still this feeling that there actually is one. You are the same.

Shin: A cursed destiny huh…

Carla: Yes

-Ghisbain disappears-

Shin: And so he left.

Carla: And another one of pure blood has faded.

Shin: Brother, I…

Carla: What?

Shin: I… father’s anger, instead of him I will carry it.

Carla: …

Shin: I will never forget the words Father kept on saying that this is Karl Haintz’ curse. Father’s revenge, the one who betrayed our bloodline, vengeance will all be released on him.

Carla: Shin, before that, there is one thing left we must do. If we stay like this our bloodline will end. Before that happens we won’t move out.(in short they need to find a suitable breeding machine, and who else would it be than us who carry the heart of Cordelia, it all makes sense now)

Shin: However.

Carla: I know what you want to say, it won’t feel good if we don’t give them a proper welcome.

Shin: Indeed, first let’s get out of here first, and take father’s vengeance.

Carla: However, the seal that is covering all of this castle. How do you intend to break that?

Shin: Ngh! That is… True we still have that…

Carla: I also hate Karl Haintz, however, right now we are living like trapped beings. It won’t be weird if this situation becomes bleak.

Shin: We are running out of time, huh.

Carla: Before this summer ends we cannot wait for death to come to us. For the sake for our bloodline too.

Shin: That said, do you have any kind of plan.

Carla: Only one, there is only one way left for us to do. First we need to see our blood’s future.

Shin: -chuckles-

-scene change-

Carla: The demon world has come to an end. The purgatory’s residence, from ten thousands of evenings we brothers, from Ghisbain’s life we are trying to reach. That day I became the king. I have the determination, that I can break this castle’s seal and find the way out. We carry the sword to take vengeance on Karl Haintz and all of the vampires. Ever since that day Karl Haintz took the battle to the demon world breaking this entire world. Creating this ten thousandth evening. The assistance and magical power of our entire bloodline was broken that day. The day kept on proceeding so slowly since then. There was really nothing left to do. The bloodline grew wary and tired. They grew tired of living. This is the worst kind of living we can have. That is, a terminal disease. Even now this is a very rare disease. Usually the main body could not affect so many of us, time after time again. That is too the same with my father, he has gotten the same kind of ending. What is left, is only me, and my little brother Shin. Only the two of us. We have taken the word ‘revenge’ on Karl Haintz, into our mind and hearts. First we need to find the blood that is also the first. Right now it is only a silent blade. I am waiting for this chance now.

Carla: Diabolik Lovers Dark Fate

Shin: Volume 1 Chapter of the Eclipse


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They know exactly who the person is behind the mask now.  He still prefers sleeping over as Chat.  Part of it is just force of habit; he’s spent nearly a year sleeping next to Marinette in the costume, after all.

Part of it is a mental exercise.

Regardless of what Marinette says, Chat Noir is the best of him.  Chat Noir is the part of him that could but doesn’t; the part of him that stares temptation down.

It doesn’t necessarily win.  Just another thing to put up on his list of reasons why she’s better than him.

Marinette and Ladybug both are everything that he’s always wanted to be.  She’s never made a screw-up on the magnitude of him and Theo—well, she did, but at least she had the guts to apologize afterwards, instead of letting the secret fester and burn until brought to light. She’s probably never had to fight down the impulse to abuse their fame for personal profit, she’d probably never even thought of using Ladybug to woo anyone.  In stark contrast to, well, his present situation.

And while he’s on that particular train of thought, he might as well enumerate all the reasons that he doesn’t deserve her.

He’s a selfish, gluttonous fool for one, trying to keep Marinette all to himself, and in spite of how vehemently he’d claim that he’d give it all up for a family that wasn’t broken beyond recognition he finds himself enjoying his obscene wealth a little too much and calculating how he might add to it with the right amount of wheedle and beg towards Nathalie.  He has to fight to remember that he isn’t automatically the most important person in any given room sometimes, and to remember that Chat Noir is supposed to be more than a flaming, wrathful sword of vengeance.

“Kitty,” Marinette mumbles in his arms.


“Love you.”

Chat freezes for a moment.  “What brought this on?” he asks.

“You’re worrying over something stupid again.”

“No, I wasn’t.”

“Yes, you were,” Marinette grumbles, shifting slightly until she’s comfortable. “I love you.  Now go to sleep.”

Chat listens as Marinette’s breathing slows again and she drops into deep sleep.

He really doesn’t deserve her.