swords of the six

“With a tiny rope and a bag of stones and all her broken wishing bones,
She’s going in, she’s going home.
Oh this little golden eye, fighting every day,
Behind the light.

Walking faster down the street, red eyes and no shoes on her feet,
Going on this journey, determined to complete.
This is farewell, this is good night,
The last time she will see the daylight.

And she’s going on a journey,
Always walking down the road.
And the water is always calling;
“My little child, please come home.”

That’s when she went away,
Away from the light of day.

Standing by the riverside,
Patiently waiting for the tide,
To come along, to come along.
The waters going to her feet,
And on her body wind so cold and sweet.”

Elashorei Lavellan ~ Tarot Card ~ Six Of Swords

Can you tell that I just finished the Shades of Magic series? ;)

List of Yes-No Tarot Card meanings for Love & Relationship Tarot Readings:


The Fool – Yes! New beginnings ahead but don’t ask for a commitment just yet.
The Magician – Yes. Especially, if the question was ‘Will I hear from him/her?’
The High Priestess – No. Some things are hidden from view at this point in time.
The Empress – Yes. Now is the time for sweet loving.
The Emperor – Yes, but it may be all on his terms… is this really what you want?
The Hierophant – Yes, wedding bells will chime.
The Lovers – Maybe. A possible soul mate connection. Choices need to be made. A need for clear communication.
The Chariot – No. The other person is too focused on their own goals at this point in time.
Strength – Yes. Especially if all you’re after is fun and frolics.
The Hermit – No. This is a time of isolation from others. Use this time wisely to learn from past mistakes.
The Wheel – Maybe. It’s all down to timing. Do you feel lucky? If so, go for it!
Justice – Maybe. Legal issues could prevent you from being together.
The Hanged Man – Yes, but only if the situation can be transformed by gaining a new perspective.
Death – No
Temperance – Yes, but healing may be needed first.
The Devil – No. Stay away as there is a risk of codependency. Cord cutting may be indicated.
The Tower – No. Acts of God are keeping you apart.
The Star – Yes. Your wildest dreams are about to come true!
The Moon – Maybe. Caution is advised. Deception or self-delusion could be indicated.
The Sun – Yes!
Judgment – Maybe, but nothing will remain the same and you have to be prepared to put the past firmly where it belongs… in the past!
The World – Yes. Usually indicates two soul mate lovers who are finally allowed to just enjoy each other – All the lessons are done and dusted, and the karma is cleared.


Ace of Wands – Yes. For a hook-up. Says nothing about longer term.
Ace of Cups – Definitely… complete with rose-tinted glasses!
Ace of Swords – Yes. For hearing from someone. Says nothing about the future of the relationship.
Ace of Pentacles – Yes to sensual pleasures and exchange of gifts. Could be good longer term too but not as strong as the Ace of Cups.


Two of Wands – Maybe. Look closely at what it is that irritates you about the other person. They are acting as a mirror.
Two of Cups – Yes. This love is about to be reciprocated.
Two of Swords – Maybe, probably a platonic outcome
Two of Pentacles – Maybe. Many factors are influencing this situation and that is why it’s still in the balance.


Three of Wands – Yes
Three of Cups – Yes
Three of Swords – No
Three of Pentacles – Yes

Bear in mind with all 3’s that a third-party could be involved!


Four of Wands – Yes. It’s likely that you will live together.
Four of Cups – No
Four of Swords – Maybe, probably a platonic outcome
Four of Pentacles – No


Five of Wands – No
Five of Cups – No, recent past hurt makes new love impossible
Five of Swords – No. Vitriol, aggression, envy and hatred have the upper hand
Five of Pentacles – No. Money troubles could be a factor


Six of Wands – Yes
Six of Cups – Yes. Soul mate lover alert!
Six of Swords – Yes. A good sign that you’re over the worst of it if you’ve been going through a rough patch.
Six of Pentacles – Maybe. Make sure that there is equality in giving and taking!


7 of Wands – No. Too many rivals and big egos at play!
7 of Cups – No. Confusion is a factor
7 of Swords – No. Actually, this is the ‘Hell no, run the other way!!’ card
7 of Pentacles – Maybe, but it may take longer than you are prepared to wait. Patience is required.


8 of Wands – Yes… Unexpectedly!
8 of Cups – No
8 of Swords – No
8 of Pentacles – No


9 of Wands – No. Mistrust is an issue.
9 of Cups – Yes! Your desires are about to manifest.
9 of Swords – No. Fear is creating distance between you.
9 of Pentacles – No, but happiness and contentment are achieved from within.


10 of Wands – No
10 of Cups – Yes, and it will last. The emotional compatibility is excellent.
10 of Swords – No, but at least the suffering will soon be over and you can look to the future.
10 of Pentacles – Yes, and your grandchildren will reminisce about how happy you two were.

Tarot Interpretation Master Post!

-Major Arcana:                                

🔸0- The Fool                                       

🔸I- The Magician                                

🔸II- The High Priestess                      

🔸III- The Empress                                

🔸IV- The Emperor                               

🔸V- The Hierophant                            

🔸VI- The Lovers                                  

🔸VII- The Chariot                                 

🔸VIII- Strength                                     

🔸IX- The Hermit                                   

🔸X- The Wheel of Fortune   

🔸XI- Justice                                       

🔸XII- The Hanged Man                      

🔸XIII- Death                                       

🔸XIV- Temperance                            

🔸XV- The Devil                                   

🔸XVI- The Tower                               

🔸XVII- The Star                                 

🔸XVIII- The Moon                              

🔸XIX- The Sun                                   

🔸XX- Judgment                                

🔸XXI- The World    

-Suit of Cups:

🔸Ace of Cups

🔸Two of Cups

🔸Three of Cups

🔸Four of Cups

🔸Five of Cups

🔸Six of Cups

🔸Seven of Cups

🔸Eight of Cups

🔸Nine of Cups

🔸Ten of Cups

-Suit of Wands:

🔸Ace of Wands

🔸Two of Wands

🔸Three of Wands

🔸Four of Wands

🔸Five of Wands

🔸Six of Wands

🔸Seven of Wands

🔸Eight of Wands

🔸Nine of Wands

🔸Ten of Wands

-Suit of Pentacles:

🔸Ace of Pentacles

🔸Two of Pentacles

🔸Three of Pentacles

🔸Four of Pentacles

🔸Five of Pentacles

🔸Six of Pentacles

🔸Seven of Pentacles

🔸Eight of Pentacles

🔸Nine of Pentacles

🔸Ten of Pentacles

-Suit of Swords:

🔸Ace of Swords

🔸Two of Swords

🔸Three of Swords

🔸Four of Swords

🔸Five of Swords

🔸Six of Swords

🔸Seven of Swords

🔸Eight of Swords

🔸Nine of Swords

🔸Ten of Swords


🔸Page of Cups

🔸Page of Wands

🔸Page of Pentacles

🔸Page of Swords


🔸Knight of Cups

🔸Knight of Wands

🔸Knight of Pentacles

🔸Knight of Swords


🔸Queen of Cups

🔸Queen of Wands

🔸Queen of Pentacles

🔸Queen of Swords


🔸King of Cups

🔸King of Wands

🔸King of Pentacles

🔸King of Swords

Been thinking alot about how fandom really focuses on Sansa and ‘lying’. To me, it is very overstated and overfocused considering Sansa never lies with malicious intent to hurt people. Sure, how she shapes and interprets reality in A Game Of Thrones especially with the Trident Incident is important (where she falsely recalls Mycah hitting Joffrey) is important, but it’s not the be end all of the character. How Sansa grows and changes is also vital. Here, I’ll try to make clear that lying is not one of Sansa’s ‘flaws’, she is human and is not perfect but holding her lies against her doesn’t really work.

I don’t mind discussion about how lying impacts on Sansa, and the role in plays within her story- my problem is when people use that as a reason to be against her character.

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Just One Word February BPC
Day 27: Recap

Not shown what I read on my e-reader: The Shadow Queen, Red Queen, Wicked, Torn, The Selection, The Elite, & The One.

“when connie is president what will that make me? first boy?”

honestly I think that might be my favorite (non-singing) line in all of steven universe because it makes my imagine the craziest/best presidential term in U.S. history.

“Mr. Universe, many republicans are claiming that your birth certificate was faked and that you are an illegal alien. What would you say to these allegations?”

“Well definitely not illegal, but I am an alien.”

“you were born outside of the country?”

“no, I was born here”

“then how are you an alien?”

“I mean a literal alien, from outer space. My mother and guardians are all aliens.”

“I’m sorry, what?”

“Well I’m half alien anyway. I thought we made that clear from early on in the campaign?”

(conspiracy theorists have a field day)

“Madam President, why is your husband carrying a huge crystal disc out onto the white house lawn?”

“oh, that’s a warp pad, It lets Gems travel around”

“Isn’t that a security issue?”

“Well only gems can use it, and the only gems on the planet right now are friendly”

(the secret service has their work cut out for them)

and then theres other things- like the time the president and her husband combined into one person at a state dinner. Or how the president is ridiculously badass with a sword. Or how the fist gentleman has five (or possibly six?) adoptive mothers. Or that time the president, her husband, and an insane eldritch monstrosity defended Washington DC from an alien spaceship. (approval ratings skyrocketed)

what I’m saying is: Take some time to imagine the shenanigans President Maheswaran would get up too. It will not disappoint.

i had a dream where the first dlc nintendo released for botw was a house dlc

which did nothing but let u pay like 10,000 rupees to bolson to make u a better house on top of ur usual one and like

there were maniquins where u display clothes, specially-crafted stands for the champion weapons and even option add-ons for amiibo weapons like thw twilight bow and the sword of six sages

and sometimes kilton would appear in ur garden some nights and u could pay him in monster parts to make fake monsters for ur basement so u could have like a moblin statue, a bokoblin statue, a lynel statue, and u could give em weapons to hold and stuff,,,

u could change the wallpapr and floor styles and get more types of furniture and decorate each room differently from a big selection of pre-made designs like “gerudo-style kitchen” and “rito-style bedroom” or “kakariko hylian front room” and stuff like that

and when i woke up i nearly CRIED beause I WANT IT SO BAD

Is it a fantasy story, or just a tale of madness? Is it neither, is it both? You be the judge. So long as it’s a good story, that’s enough for me. Stories of the human heart in conflict with itself transcend time, place, and setting. So long as love and honor and pity and pride and compassion and sacrifice are present, it matters not a whit whether that tall, lean stranger has a proton pistol or a six-shooter in his hand. Or a sword—

Fantasy? Science fiction? Horror? I say it’s a story, and I say the hell with it.
—  George R.R. Martin, Dreamsongs, Vol. II

Fremy Speeddraw is such an interesting badass character. I think she has the best development out of everyone in the group.

“She’s like a fusion of “Lala” from Monster Musume and “Koneko” from High School DxD!”


sansa stark meme | six scenes ► sansa and tyrion, 4x01 two swords

↳   “What happened to your family was a terrible crime. I didn’t know your brother; he seemed like a good man but I didn’t know him. Your mother, on the other hand, I admired her. She wanted to have me executed but I admired her. She was a strong woman, and she was fierce when it came to protecting her children. Sansa, your mother would want you to carry on. You know it’s true.”

The dog is the best.

Three level 1 people go on. A quest to save their people they were supposed to protect. A human bear hunter, dark elf rouge theif, and a half elf Charleston sorcerer. (Earlier in the game there was a wolf that was guarding the cave that the bear hunter tamed)

Dm: you enter a seemingly quiet room waterfalls lightly fall around it.
Bear hunter: I roll to pet the wolf and see if he sences anything (rolls a 20) …..
Dm: …….. you pet the dog and by some miraculous force seemed to be transported into the eyes of the dog seeing six goblins with swords shields in hand ready for anyone to turn the courner. The one in the back is holding a bow and arrow. I really hate you says the echoing voice heard around the room.

  • Anatole: Fedya... could you maybe chill?
  • Dolokhov: Chill❓😂 the only ❄️chill❄️ I know 📚 is what the French🇫🇷 will get if they 💥👊attack💥 Moscow 🇷🇺. 💪 Stick to your 🔫guns🔫 and swords 🔪🔪 to defend the mother🙋‍land🌏🏠 or we'll all 💯 chill❄️ six feet 👎👎 under 😵

“You get a little moody sometimes but I think that’s because you like to read. People that like to read are always a little messed up.”
-Pat Conroy from Prince of Tides.

Bold Gryffindor

We are Gryffindor.
We are red and gold.
We are the roar in the wild.
We are ashes and smoke.

We are loud jokes and pub crawls with our mates. We are tough but we don’t care.
Sometimes our mouth is faster then our mind.
Sometimes our wand is faster then our thoughts.
We might apologise.
We run before we walk and ride into the sun. We are the spark of the revolution and the kids from yesterday.
We are the legends of tomorrow.
We are the firework in the sky.
We bloom and sparkle and shine.

And fade.

Lights only shine in the dark.
And sometimes the dark is stronger then our glow.
Sometimes the cold is harsher then our flames.
Sometimes we grit our teeth and try to hold on.
And sometimes that doesn’t work.

Sometimes our adventures turn into disasters.
Sometimes our pranks hurt.
And you blame us.
And so do we.

And we are sorry.
So sorry.

Sometimes my friends turn away.
And I am left.
And confused.
Then shocked.
Then angry.

Sometimes I wish I could be more like them.

But then they are back.
My friends.
My family.

And we laugh together.
Live together.
Write stories together.
And I know we can make it.

We are forever.
We are the lions.
We are the kings of our world.

As long as we are one.

{So please, don’t leave me}