swords n shit

Get your heads out of your asses people

Yes. Voltron is a kids show. I t is. A kids sh ow. Need me to repeat? That means that kids like it. My lil cousin loves it, his favorite is pidge, he has voltron and a seperate green lion. Talked to me for hours about it. Spongebob is a kids show too. So is adventure time, so is Steven universe.

Theres always this discourse and it makes me want to throw a cat into a river, because it’s exactly what it means. Show. It’s a fucking show. Its a preformance to entertain a specific audience, which happened to attract all you jackwagons. Every fandom has their ships, supernatural has castiel, stranger things has 11 and mike, etc. We have klance and sheith. No ship is better than the other because it isnt. Real. And that’s what makes ships unique. That they’re both equally created by the fandom and blossoms art out of people’s heads because of it. No ship is better. Klance sucks. Sheith sucks. We all have to get our heads out of our asses and just agree that it’s a good s h o w. It’s not a good reality. (Because that’s exactly what it isn’t.) You don’t have to prove to anyone that your ship is worthy. And nobody should force you to make it worthy. If it creates a spark and makes you smile then it should already be good right


D.va: *cries*
Mercy: don’t cry honey oh it’ll be alright *hugs*
Pharah: *runs and brings Doritos and mtn dew*
Zarya: *cracks knuckles* who hurt you?
Symmetra: *somehow makes a working wifi box*
Ana: *bakes cookies and makes tea*
Tracer: *puts on an jhonny english film*
Reinhardt: *grabs tv and games console, puts it infront of her and plugs it in*
Torbjorn: *builds turret for hana to rest feet on*
Winston: *gives 10 jars of peanut butter*
Soldier 76: *gives dad hug*
Hanzo: *gives d.va his crunchyroll password*
Genji: *does some crazy sword tricks n shit*
Zenyatta: *does some crazy juggling shit over genji’s crazy sword shit*
Lucio: *puts on chill music*
Junkrat: *attempts to make d.va laugh by hitting his balls with a grenade except it nearly explodes*
Roadhog: *somehow entertaining headbanging*
Widowmaker: *throws book at tracer for ignoring her*
Reaper: *attempts to scare the tears from hana by shadow walking behind her*
McCree: *places cowboy hat on head*
Mei: *somehow makes it fucking snow*
Bastion: *rolls around with go pro filming all of the crazy shit going on*

Dishonored Secret Santa! 
To: lightbringer34 

From: connor-is-the-captain-of-my-bed 
(which is connected to this blog also, cause its my artblog)

Uh hope you enjoy your gift! 8D 
I just thought it be cute/funny to make corvo and daud slap snow in each others faces- other then swords n shit =u=b