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If I were a new reader, I’d start with the Red Long Johns since I think that’s a pretty good example of my work, then move on to Starboy (because it’s my favorite), and then start Büsker Dü’s and Dont’s (…also my favorite). ^_^

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24, 35, and 39 for etienne!

24. what is their opinion on blood magic? would they ever use it, if given the chance?

he’s cautious of it, but cautious in the way he would be towards an enchanted sword. it can be used to hurt, it can be used to protect. it can be taken and reshaped into something different, like a sword beaten into a ploughshare. 

many of the mages at the brothel turn to blood magic to control their periods and aid the other period-havers during the time of the month. they use their blood magic to help and to heal. if he was a mage, etienne reckons that he’d use blood magic like they do. 

35. how do they feel about “the game”?  

he feels at home in it. he’s played the great game of orlais before he even knew what it was. he’s so deeply involved in the game and orlesian politics as an assassin who frequently works in orlais that it wouldn’t be practical for him to hate it. regardless of what he thought about it when he was younger, he’s now learned to use the game to his advantage and learned to appreciate it’s intricacy. 

39. if varric gave them a nickname, what would it be? 

shadow, for how he disappears into the darkness in complete silence, stalking after his target, only letting them know where he is when he’s already got a knife to their throat or an arrow through their heart. 

varric jokingly called him the “herald of death” once, saying that death seemed to follow everywhere he went. he thought etienne might laugh since hey the guy has a dark sense of humor. instead he looked like he was about to cry, knocked back the last half of his whiskey, and sped the fuck away from varric. it was only after that that varric learned from leliana the circumstances of etienne’s mom’s death (died following his birth), & etienne’s wet nurse’s death (died following etienne’s 13th birthday) and felt like a real goddamn dick about it. needless to say, “herald of death” never crossed varric’s lips again. 

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Blessed are the peacemakers

To do good. On every occasion to do the right thing as he saw it and Christ taught it, no matter how disruptive and no matter what the cost. This was Daniel Berrigan’s motivation. He was not concerned with the outcome of it, let alone success. A good action must go somewhere; do it, let it go. If God willed, it might mean lives saved, swords beaten into ploughshares and the world smiling with peace.

Daniel Berrigan SJ, priest, poet and anti-war activist, died on April 30th, aged 94