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Tumblr Compilation (a series of tumblr oneshots)

If I were a new reader, I’d start with the Red Long Johns since I think that’s a pretty good example of my work, then move on to Starboy (because it’s my favorite), and then start Büsker Dü’s and Dont’s (…also my favorite). ^_^

Blessed are the peacemakers

To do good. On every occasion to do the right thing as he saw it and Christ taught it, no matter how disruptive and no matter what the cost. This was Daniel Berrigan’s motivation. He was not concerned with the outcome of it, let alone success. A good action must go somewhere; do it, let it go. If God willed, it might mean lives saved, swords beaten into ploughshares and the world smiling with peace.

Daniel Berrigan SJ, priest, poet and anti-war activist, died on April 30th, aged 94