swords in art


Hoo boy. This isn’t all the sketches I did for this project (some are in my sketchbook), but it sure is a lot of them.

A lot of them are Sephiroth, since I didn’t know how I wanted him to look. I really wanted to redo his turn-around with his cape open instead of closed, but I ran out of time.

I also fully redesigned Jessie for unknown reasons, also well as President Shinra (he was the original antagonist for the project instead of Seph).

That’s it, though! That’s all I have to post so I hope you have a good day and I’m gonna finally eat lunch. :)

@adammjensen @mageoftime @ficinferno I drew the party!! i know this isn’t everyone who’s playing but this is everyone who has a design I know of so far and i was too excited to not draw them. i hope you guys know i love all your characters and can’t wait to play with them
(not the best artist in the world but I had fun! i took a couple of liberties while drawing, but they obviously don’t have to be canon since these are your characters.)
also, I wanted to make sure: are you all cool with a grand world-saving plot? you can be assholes along the way if you want, and overthrow the government, and REALLY screw over some shitty nobles (which I know at least 2 of you will appreciate)


Hey! Long time no see. School is over (it actually has been for a few weeks “^^) and I’m finally posting my concept painting class final. The assignment was to take a pre-existing IP and mix it up (don’t remember the exact words used) so I did FVII but designed it as a for-TV cartoon. I personally based it off of SatAM haha.

The goal was to create protag, antag, vehicle, and weapon turn-arounds, as well as a landscape painting. However, after doing Cloud, Boko, and the Buster Sword, I learned that you only had to render the ¾ pose. Thus, Sephiroth remained unrendered.

We also were given some brushes by our professor to use, but I can’t remember where they came from, so I’m sorry if you want to know.

Anyway, enjoy the stuff I made for the project!


Spoiler alert: he did, in fact, die.

The writing for Breath of the Wild is kinda… eh, so I’m just gonna pretend Link is a reckless idiot.

Before you comment/tag this comic with Fi/Skyward Sword hate consider this: don’t.