So they released some Wonder Woman and Aquaman weaponry concept art today [link], so y’all know my geeky ass would have to comment on those swords. YUP. I AM FILLED WITH INSIGHT AND OPINIONS. But there’s also 24 fucking swords in this line-up, so You’re going to have to wait until I can slog through all of this. This will be a slowly lengthening post of ELF’S STUPID OPINIONS ON MOVIE SWORDS. I’m doing this in incremental reblogs and out of order based on which ones I have strongest thoughts on first.

Overall, I like the selection. There’s a lot of Greek, Roman, and generally Mediterranean-region-inspired swords (because of course), with a couple of odd outliers. None of them are particularly “bad” designs, although some are hella boring or redundant.

#12, #21, #17 – Below the cut

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A sword belonging to George Washington, first president of the United States of America. He is believed to have worn it during his resignation as Commander in Chief in 1783 and when inaugurated as president in 1789.

This type of sword was commonly worn by officers and other gentlemen in formal occasions. These weapons were developed as very light and compact civilian sidearms. It was commonly used for duels and sometimes for self-defense, but for military purposes most preferred a more substantial cut-and-thrust weapon, like a cutlass.

This blade is of the colichemarde variant, characterized by its wide forte which abruptly tapers into a narrow profile. Its hollow triangular shape makes it an excellent thrusting sword, but at the same time makes it incapable of cutting. The broad portion of the blade is decorated with intricate engravings. The grip is wrapped with silver ribbon and wire, while the rest of the hilt is gilt with silver and gold.

The Magician -  I

I have been wanting to design a Tarot deck for a long time. I have set myself the target of approx. 1 year to get all 22 of the Major Arcana down with my current commission load. I am not going to do them in order, instead I’m going to let inspiration and vibe guide each choice of card, I think this will help me stay motivated and keep a natural flow of progression.

I’m also sure that in a year i’ll probably want to brush up the first few XD


Dark Ages D&D

“Then the king himself
gathered his wits; drew a warseax
of keenest battle-sharpness that he carried on his byrnie.
The Geats’ Protector hewed the wyrm in twain.”


Swords and knives. Part one of a work-in-progress flavourpack - a D&D equipment list reflavoured for a Dark Ages campaign (migration period / early medieval).

Sweord name ideas: Leg-biter, Goldhilt, Wyrmfang, Hrunting, Nælring.

Feedback is welcome, let us know if you want more of this.

Sorry for lack of art on my dash. Been really busy with personal stuff, plus I got art block for a sec. This is the edited version of THIS pic I did a little over three years ago this month! Might edit the other ones I did, but we’ll see :)