Just aro!Dean and aro!Bela going around being badass selling what won’t actually hurt people and using what will to destroy the creatures that will. And having a hard time trying to identify themselves and constantly have to explain to people that just because they occasionally bang doesn’t mean they’re more than friends and “No. Its not like that and if you suggest it again I’ll shoot you.”

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**SamRuby;; queerplatonic;; college au;; ace!Sam/aro!Ruby;; mentions of sex but sfw;; 2406 words

Every once in awhile, Sam joins his brother at the bar a few miles away. Dean goes much more often than he does, but he’s hell bent on getting Sam to come out more, to ’get out of that stuffy library’ and ’loosen up a little.‘ 

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Michael knew this would be a disaster of a job when he showed up to the interview and the manager was forty-two minutes late. Still, he needed the money and it was better than fast food. It turned out to  be worse than he imagined- no one was ever on time, his paychecks were late, inventory was a mess, but he kept at it because every Thursday a tall blonde guy would come in and look around. Michael always made sure to talk to him  under the guise of customer service, and wished he had the courage to just see if he wanted to get coffee.

He’d been there for 3 months when the guy didn’t show up.  He was more irritable than usual through his shift and swore to himself that if the guy didn’t show up next week he was putting in his two weeks notice. He was leaning on the dumpster in the back after his shift the next night, stress smoking when someone cleared their throat. He was surprised when he looked up to see the guy standing there.

“Sorry I missed our date last night. Roommate fell in the shower and we were in the ER. I’m Luke by the way. Don’t ask what it’s short for.”

“Michael. Well I guess you knew that already. Tell me how your roommate is over coffee?”

“Yeah I’d like that.”

Sastiel AU: Sam and Cas are best friends throughout middle school an into high school, but halfway through high school they have an argument that causes them to stop talking to each other. One afternoon, Sam opens his locker to see this. It’s from Cas, and it’s filled to the brim with reasons why Sam is his best friend, and on the last page it says “because I love you.”


Nick’s been jumpy ever since they got out of the hospital and its not like Jimmy can blame him. Still, he hasn’t had any real contact in years and its hard to live with someone who flinches when they accidentally brush moving around the kitchen, especially when they’re all they have left. He’s resolved to be patient though. 

After a few months Nick reaches out intertwining their fingers as they’re watching TV. “Thank you,” he whispers. It only lasts through the commercial before he pulls away and retreats to the edge of couch but Jimmy smiles and knows Nick sees through the light of the TV.

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*quietly* michael!dean accidentally scaring the shit out of sam

*quieterly* sam using “michael” like an area code when he prays for dean like “michael: hey dean, could you get down here, i could use your help-” and before he even finishes michael!dean is at his shoulder like “whats up Sammy?” and sam fliPPING d ROpS his bO oK and trips over the coffee table and dean has to catch him with his angel mojo before he breaks his nose (◡‿◡✿)

*quietestly* michael!dean having 531512 angel brothers but when he sighs and says “he’s my brother” everyone knows without asking who he’s talking about and it’s a certain tall human with floppy hair (◕‿◕✿)

An AU where Sam and Castiel meet at Jo’s wedding reception. Sam spots Cas from across the room and is immediately enraptured by the dark haired, blue eyed masterpiece wearing a crisp black suit and a red flower on his lapel.

He asks several other guests including people in the bridal party about his name and who he is, and the only responses are “that’s Castiel,” “he’s Jo’s weird friend from college,” and “he’s kinda antisocial.” Sam tries to approach Castiel several times during the course of the night to try to talk to him and maybe get him to dance but the man skillfully evades him

Finally, as the night is winding down, Sam feels a tap on his shoulder and when he spins around, he’s met with bright blue eyes of the man he’s been hunting down all night. Castiel speaks–and oh, that voice–and says “I noticed you’ve been trying to talk to me all night, but I haven’t been drunk enough to ask you to dance. But I am now.”

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sHRIEKS. All i can thing about is that angry protective gifset now frick

[  he art palpitates] no but protective!michael!dean is e v er ything

like michael!dean orchestrating a peace with Lucifer with earth as neutral ground and devoting his entire being to building a new order and helping his brothers and sisters and stamping out evil and being so focused and driven and absolute the way michael is with dean’s energy but the second Lucifer shows up anywhere near Sam michael!dean is there between them with his six wings spread out to their true length behind him and his multidimensional flaming sword in his hand and he says “touch him and one of us dies” and everyone knows that he wouldnt hesitate for one second to burn it all down in an instant for sam

and oh my word. think about michael’s absolute and profound sense of responsibility and think about dean’s sense of what it means to be a big brother. like if this was an au where michael!dean was playing it incognito for the first few months after he got his grace back, trying to figure out what had happened and develop a plan, and he and sam went through Changing Channels together and michael!dean was there to see gabriel’s breakdown and his “i just want it to be over” speech

he’d think back to when he trapped raphael with cas, and he heard the same thing from him, and then he’d think about cas and the torment and confusion he’d endured, all alone trying to do the right thing, and like. after being dean michael would know what it means to be a big brother, and he would feel so profoundly responsible for his family and he would be devastated by how badly he’d failed them all