Dear Stupogo,

No, it’s just the five of us.

It’s too bad, they seem fun to chat with.

I believe some of the swordians have opted to let others hear their voices. Guy can.

Man, you shoulda seen it when one spoke to him for the first time! He was all like “WHAT’S THAT?” and then “IS THAT FONTECH? CAN I SEE IT?”

Well, swords in Auldrant don’t usually start talking to you…

I wonder if I could make something like a swordian with fontech?

Ooh! I could show you, we could try making one together! I’ve never worked with fontech before~

Yeah, we should!

…You sure you wanna work with Harold?

I accepted #20factsaboutme challenge from @marsellarieza , so here they are :
1. Anindita Widya Sismiati , yang katanya punya arti Anindita : Tanpa cela, Widya : Pertama, Sismiati : ini sih perpaduan Siswanto sama Umi Atiyah
2. Lahir di kampung halaman 3 november 23 tahun lalu
3. Mukanya kloningan papski kalo ketemu temen kantor nya papa pasti di bilang “ini mah toton di kerudungin”
4. Cucu pertama dari segala cucu
5. Kakak dari satu adek perempuan sama satu adek laki-laki
6. Muka bulet kaya telor dadar, pipi bakpao
7. Punya Lesung pipi
8. Punya 8 sahabat dari SMA yang merangkap keluarga
9. Once a gooner always a gooner
10. Daripada nonton sinetron mending nonton bola sama MotoGP
11. Suka sama semua olahan buah Pisang dan paling gak suka semua olahan buah Duren
12. Gak bisa nolak kalo di ajak makan bakso
13. Anak Commuterline garis keras
14. Always listening always understanding
15. Selalu punya pacar orang padang ( ._.)//
16. Suka travelling
17. Punya mimpi ke Emirates Stadium
18. Gak suka nunggu dan ditunggu
19. Dikomplain orang “kalo jalan feminim dikit nin”
20. I’m #Swordians @swordcommunity

Now, its your turn guys, i dare you to do #20factsaboutmechallenge :))

Another Destiny (PS2 AU)
  • Trigger warnings below: Suicide, PTSD, Severe depression, Survivor’s guilt.

This verse is a near scene by scene duplicate of the canon game for the first half of it’s plot, but an alternate event happens during the second half where things get different enough.


Birthday: Dec 24th

Age: 18

Height: 5′5

Wight: 115lbs

Marian’s plan to free Leon succeeded. She committed suicide to escape Hugo’s attempt at using her as a tool of negotiation to the unwilling Leon for any longer. Though he had lost the will to live from her actions, Marian desired it for him to live, so he gone to his companions to seek vengeance against his father and do right as he always wanted.

With him present, all of the Swordians successfully pierce the eye of god, and because of these change of events, ToD2 cannot transpire in this alternate timeline. 

This universe takes place two years after the defeat of Miktran. Leon has taken a hiatus of uncertain length from being a master knight. He frequently either locks himself up within his manor or visits Phillia at the church, where Stan and a few others meet up together time from time.

Leon inherited the remains of his father’s company he doesn’t desire to control right now and gave it to his older sister Rutee.

As much as Leon despised his life of abuse from his father and oppression under his rule, it was all he knew, and the path Marian opened to him was nothing like it. Freedom is unpredictable and terrifying.


Birthday: July 1st

Age: 21

Height: 5′7

Weight: 160lbs

He has taken over Leon’s role in Siengald. While he may not be known as Siengald’s rose as Leon used to be called by the people of the kingdom, he is instead called their new fire[Siengald’s fire]. Although he no longer controls the power of fire anymore, his spirit none the less remains the same. He tries to be a little more like Leon, completely attempting to fill in his position of work. Instead of just being completely like himself, he is attempting to fill the same shoes of his best friend when all he has to do is simply be himself.

He secretly desires a break from this routine, but finding the crack in the stone wall is a little hard on his own…

Stan’s friendliness ultimately breaks through past the serious face he tries to keep up for the sake of protecting the kingdom, and most importantly, Leon.