Tales of Festival, Sunday June 4th 2017

Oh, something I forgot about yesterday’s show. Since next year will be the REAL 10th year anniversary for Vesperia, the cast were joking about having a fancy dinner party. Where everyone (including all of us) comes to Yokohama Arena in fancy clothes and eats dinner and goes home. (The image of this absolutely cracks me up. Moving on.)

Okay, I am just going to say it, today was sooooo much better that yesterday ahaha. I enjoyed it a lot. But now I will have hell remembering everything and will probably be editing this post for the next few hours….

I will start right into the skit. 

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Sorry I have missed a couple days I’m only human haha. All joking aside I originally had drawn a piece of one of my favorite Tales of characters and well…lets face it. It was pretty lack luster so I decided to try and redeem myself with this new piece I have for you called…
“Bare Its Fangs”


I think I’ve finally got the Swordian guardian squad complete now? Too bad he doesn’t boost ATK, because wind heroes are still the only ones I can only boost with 3* guardians, and I have long given up even trying. I always end up running water stages (which thus are weak to wind in this game for some reason) with different teams. Like, rainy Leon is dark anyway, and I trust him to push over most things outside Ares realm :p.

Anyway, welcome to the party, Iggy!

(question of the day is, though: do I actually waste my hero stones from Ares Realm on a) futile attempts to roll for beach Meebo, b) futile attempts to get helpful units, or c) do I actually save the stones waiting for future gatchas with units that I actually want AND which might be easier to get?)

maginpui  asked:


FINALLY ♡ ♡ ♡ ♡ 

  1. best girl?|| Rutee
  2. best boy?||  Leon/Lion/Stahn can’t decide
  3. any ship/s? || Leon/Stahn, Stahn/Rutee, Leon/Marian
  4. favorite part of the game? || CRIES. It’s the saddest part. You know which
  5. opinion on the mascot character (if applicable)? || ARE THE SWORDIANS MASCOTS?! HAHA IF YES CHALTIER
  6. opinion on villain/s? (in the least spoilery way) || Ughh i hate this guy so much im going to beat em up
  7. main team of 4, and who did you play as mostly? || Stahn, Rutee, Leon, Phillia (PS version as Stahn, Directorscut as Leon/Rutee)
  8. favorite town/city/area? || Darilsheid
  9. favorite or most used arte? || Demons Lance, Marian
  10. favorite music track? || CRIES Parting toward a new hope
  11. favorite monster? || There weren‘t any hat monsters.

                Ƹ̵̡Ӝ̵̨̄Ʒ~  “This is what you blew your cover for? This runt?”

                ୨୧~   “Harold.”

            Neither was fond of Barbatos Goetia. The man was a vicious brute and a traitor,
            and needed to be watched constantly. However, this time the Berselius twins
            differed on what kind of job he’d done. Harold was unhappy, to say the least, and
            in some ways he understood. A Swordian was the finest weapon the Aetherians
            possessed for hand-to-hand combat and spellwork, the crafting was exquisite, and
            Harold did not want to give someone like Barbatos one. At least, not unless there
            was significant gain to be had from it.

            He understood, he truly did. And someone else might have been preferable. Igtenos,
            or Clemente. If they broke Igtenos they could dismantle the spy network he was sure
            existed here. If they picked Clemente, it would remove one of the biggest thorns in
            their side when it came to actual ground battles. Clemente was fearsome on the
            battlefield. Even capturing Dymlos would have dealt the Er'thers a significant blow.

            But unlike Harold, who was certain the silver-haired man restrained in front of them
            was no one special, the strategist recognized him from reports. Barbatos was not
            lying; This was a high ranking Er'ther officer, if the most junior of the bunch.

                    “Harold, meet Major Pierre de Chaltier.”

            That made her go quiet.

            Of course, then the brute chimed in. “Hahahaha. Listen to your brother.”

            She was still unhappy, and shot Karell an annoyed look, but Harold was still not talking,
            which meant she saw the potential here. He might have to say something to her later.
            He wasn’t trying to upset Harold or cut her down in front of the brute, but Barbatos had
            done what he’d promised. She would have to do her job in return.

                    “… I see. Take him to the high-security cells. Then come to my lab, Lieutenant
                    Goetia. We will run the necessary tests.”

            Yes, he’d definitely need to soothe her bruised ego somehow. For now she’d given
            herself an out, and turned on her heel, and though she might look calm to most
            individuals he knew she was trying not to storm off. Some poor assistant was going
            to get their head bitten off.

                    “I assume you’ve checked him for any hidden Lens?”

                    “Do I look like an idiot to you, Berselius?”

            Mostly, yes, but he wasn’t going to pick a fight with Barbatos in front of the prisoner. It
            wasn’t productive and a fight would undoubtedly cause environmental damage the
            Major might use to escape. “Then take him to the cells. From then on I’ll be
            responsible for his interrogation.”

Someone linked me to Leon’s “Devil Sphere” ougi in rays and I’m like.

Yeah but where is the earth ougi or artes?

This is high-key why I don’t trust another remake or an anime lmao. I dont trust modern bamco with destiny. Let alone a bunch of people retconning him into darkness guy because that fucks up the swordian lore, and Chaltier’s role as earth, making him an op sword when he shouldn’t be for a lot of reasons.

Stop dark element Leon 2k4ever.

Translation: Tales of Destiny 「What is a Swordian?」

From the Tales of Destiny Director’s Cut Perfect Guide for Leon’s Side, It’s about two pages worth of text, so it’s a bit long—most of it will be under the read more!

Swordians were developed as a trump card to end the Aeth’er Wars. It produced a threatening energy that far exceeded the power people are capable of alone, and also had disguised the dangerous ability to consume one’s heart, which made it a double-edged sword.

Swordians as a counter to Aeth’er weapons

Swordians are sword-shaped weapons developed for the decisive battle in the years-long Aeth’er Wars.  It’s possible to use it just as a sword, but contained within it is a “Core Crystal,” a very dense Lens with a personality imbued into it. Within the Core Crystal holds the personality and memories  of the Swordian’s master, giving them both the ability to communicate and a high level of resonance with one another.  This allows for an amplification of the Core Crystal’s energy, and makes it possible to use powerful magic artes. Because of the ability to communicate, if used in hand-to-hand combat, Swordians have combat ability that is much higher than that of a normal sword.

It was the genius scientist of the Er’ther Army, Dr. Harold Berselius, who proposed this theory. However,  though the theory behind it was perfect, it was unprecedented to imbue a personality into a sword and required the cooperation of other people in order to make such a technological advancement viable. This was a problem, as the there were an inadequate number of scientists that were left with the Er’ther troops; It wasn’t until they received help from the defected Belcrant Development team that the plan began to bear fruit.  It was then decided in that was that six Swordians would be born into the world.

The six Swordians and their Core Crystal also served as a means of destruction for the Eye of God, thanks to their special structure and ability to resonate with it as well. They were not able to achieve this goal however, as during the decisive battle of the Aeth’er Wars, the Swordian Berselius was lost. It was because of that the destruction of the Eye of God was said to be impossible, even if it had been previously stated otherwise.

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On cloudier days, Leon left the shielding walls of his manor to actually sit out in his garden to enjoy the cool, misty feeling that this kind of weather brought along. He also enjoyed how less people roamed the roads of town, let alone peeked through his metal fencing he had put up around his manner to keep the concerned and nosy out. Of course that never kept the persistent ones out, but that was very rare, and it was why he kept a new blade saddled on his person regardless.

Today was going to be another one of those rare days where he senses a presence on his preferably lonesome property. When it was a friend, they wrote ahead of time about their arrival, the mail man always came at the exact hour no matter the day, Rutee called for him, and Stan always whistled a unique tune only Leon or his service would know; that was the kind of life he developed in these two years. This predictability, this cage he developed… Who was this silent interruption of his safe routine? One whom felt so strange? He hadn’t felt such a strangeness since… the time he was around the presence of multiple Swordians at one given time and not just his dear Chaltier. A soul whom he sorely missed as much as he did for his beloved Marian.

He slowly turns his head and sees who he felt while he brooded the possibilities. Whoever this was… the feeling was ominous but paradoxically safe all the same. Could he be an assassin? Could he be some sort of angel? His life was always a strange and terrible one, after all.  There’s been many days where he felt like he did not belong, many dreams of death. That ominous safeness is quickly turning to a feeling of nausea and relief.

Leon is quite literally torn about his life. Is this a message?