Translation: Tales of Destiny 「What is a Swordian?」

From the Tales of Destiny Director’s Cut Perfect Guide for Leon’s Side, It’s about two pages worth of text, so it’s a bit long—most of it will be under the read more!

Swordians were developed as a trump card to end the Aeth’er Wars. It produced a threatening energy that far exceeded the power people are capable of alone, and also had disguised the dangerous ability to consume one’s heart, which made it a double-edged sword.

Swordians as a counter to Aeth’er weapons

Swordians are sword-shaped weapons developed for the decisive battle in the years-long Aeth’er Wars.  It’s possible to use it just as a sword, but contained within it is a “Core Crystal,” a very dense Lens with a personality imbued into it. Within the Core Crystal holds the personality and memories  of the Swordian’s master, giving them both the ability to communicate and a high level of resonance with one another.  This allows for an amplification of the Core Crystal’s energy, and makes it possible to use powerful magic artes. Because of the ability to communicate, if used in hand-to-hand combat, Swordians have combat ability that is much higher than that of a normal sword.

It was the genius scientist of the Er’ther Army, Dr. Harold Berselius, who proposed this theory. However,  though the theory behind it was perfect, it was unprecedented to imbue a personality into a sword and required the cooperation of other people in order to make such a technological advancement viable. This was a problem, as the there were an inadequate number of scientists that were left with the Er’ther troops; It wasn’t until they received help from the defected Belcrant Development team that the plan began to bear fruit.  It was then decided in that was that six Swordians would be born into the world.

The six Swordians and their Core Crystal also served as a means of destruction for the Eye of God, thanks to their special structure and ability to resonate with it as well. They were not able to achieve this goal however, as during the decisive battle of the Aeth’er Wars, the Swordian Berselius was lost. It was because of that the destruction of the Eye of God was said to be impossible, even if it had been previously stated otherwise.

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