Un-Friendly Reminder - Part 5

Even though Mare never meant to be a newblood, Gisa still feels unfairly outshined. She’s been working hard her whole life trying to create a better future for herself, and suddenly, she stopped getting the recognition she deserved because her sister became a princess with abilities.

RQ characters get coffee

Kilorn- latte not to drink, but to Instagram the foam art and the net he made from stir straws

Mare- Thinks coffee is too bitter, proceeds to dump half the sugar packets in her coffee.

Cal- Extra whip mocha frappuccino with chocolate sprinkles

Maven- Black coffee as black as his soul. Kings take their coffee strong and dark. Jealously glances at Cal’s drink periodically.

Cameron- A sandwich. Coffee is for disgusting hipster silvers.

“Lady Kido Suikoin” (1887), Tsukioka Yoshitoshi (1839-1892)

Formerly a Geisha under the name of Ikumatsu , Kido Suikoin became the mistress and later the wife of a samurai who supported the Meiji restauration. She spied for her husband and was also really knowledgeable regarding political matters. On this print, she is carrying two samurai swords and is maybe eavesdropping the conversation in the room behind her.